quarta-feira, 29 de abril de 2015

Why is the artist so sad ?

He came riding his
white horse
Which is rare of course ;
Came filled with promises
in his eyes
they were only lies
But I bought each one
you were in it just for fun,
Now I'm here, trying to
understand what I've done
I pulled the trigger
of this gun
I allowed you in,
I wouldn't let go
There's a whole world inside
of me that I allowed you to know
But it was all for show,
A round of applause
I was a fool for you
None of this was true...

Sand castles that we built
in the air
I went through too much trouble
for someone who will never care
I made you up, you were
never there
Ilusions tend to lead
towards nowhere,
Your wicked plan
worked like a charm
You most certainly
twisted my arm

Are you happy now? Is
this okay?
Will we get to talk it over
one day?
Will I get a closure,
will I turn the page
Do you think love will
prevail over all this rage?
Funny how it all worked out
Don't tell me to calm down
I'll shout !
I'll go crazy ! Nuts, completly insane
And still that won't numb
this pain
You were supposed to handle it,
to understand
You were supposed to be my best friend
But eternity, forever,
call it whatever
burns out quickly when it comes
to it's end
I ended up trying to rescue you
Oh dear I had no clue
But tell me all about the problem
being me and not you
I'm heavy weight, too much of a
burden to bear
You got tired eventually of acting
like you cared...
Wicked of you, wicked indeed
this agony they tend to feed
to the broken hearts, to the
shattered ones
No more fighting over this,
lower your guns
Walking over the
undone chapter
I hope you find what you're
seeking and live happily ever after...



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