quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2015

Game over player

Vinita dear I believe it's time for you to sing
She wants cold revenge, no diamond ring
Have you ever felt so much hatred towards someone
  that you rather kill than die?
It's your time sucker, get ready to say goodbye!
He talks good, he talks fast
Let's see how long this sweet talk is gonna last
I'll never forget those words, you'll pay for that
Who told you that you could stab me in the back?
So shawty has a plan, crazy as hell
this won't end nicely, you know me too well
It's your last assault, can you hear the bell?
A long time ago it was my soul I chose to sell
You pulled my strings, pushed me around
But finally my feet are back on the ground
You can search for a heartbeat, you'll hear no sound
The insane bitch is back, the so long waited return
So now the flame is warmer, burn baby burn

I thought I was in love, Cupid fooled me again
Jumped off the cliff with no back up plan
You with your arms wide open, that's what I expected
What an amazing image of you that I projected
But I fell on my face, the usual deal
Because that made up prince was nowhere near real
I was one more big bad wolf's meal
you never cared about me or how I feel
Spitting bullets towards me, humiliation
And it grows bigger, an ugly frustration
I promised  that one day  
I would unleash hell towards your way
This was the remaining shred of a torn heart
I'm heartless nowadays and you played your part;
Now seeing you like that is pretty much a guaranteed smile
You're first on my black list, and it's a damn long file
So a round of applause, you are privileged son
saved the first bullet, cold steel gun
So how are we doing? Having fun?
Is it coming back to you? All that you've done?
Come closer, only to find out that you've missed your shot
And now Karma is here, whether you are ready or not!
Screws loose, bottoms up!
We are toasting to your kind of luck !


( MKS)

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