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Insomnia Chapter XIII

I think it's time for us to move on although the next room
being considered far more worse than Jack's tricky playroom.
We are now at the door of Loony's padded wall room.
Dementia or insanity, if you rather, is also a big part of that
girl's life , so one of the shreds of that same soul is actually pure
madness. I do know that this is pretty much a hazard and that's
exactly why she's kept inside that safe, and excruciatingly white
small room.
Of course she's allowed to come out from time to time if properly
supervized of course.
Once again I must warn you not to judge the book by it's cover,
Loony may seem harmless, but one thing that I surely learned through
life is do not mess with the crazy.
She has been wearing that straitjacket for as long as anyone can remember,
and the loneliness can be worse than being tied up.

If you dare yourself to look closely you can actually see that there's no blaze whatsoever in her eyes. 
She's gone, in another dimension probably. 
How can you work out the perfect escape plan once you're locked up in your own mind?
Reliving day after day , night after night your dark secrets and painful regrets . 
Unable to move on, stuck on a messed up loop forever and ever. 
So the only thing she actually has going for her is her fertile imagination. She spends hour after hour staring at that ceiling imagining the sun, the blue sky and the stars that keep shining bright, like a promise that she could never forget about. 

                                                  " I'm staring at the sun 
                                                     'till I go blind 
                                                     I'm just talking nonsense 
                                                     Simply stretch your arms 
                                                      and feel the wind 
                                                     Can you hear it sing? 

                                                     A piece of advise 
                                                     A word to the so called wise 
                                                      the paranoia 
                                                     Will destroy ya! 
                                                     The walls keep talking 
                                                     your heart pretends 
                                                     not to listen... 

                                                     When it comes to this madness
                                                      to this ugly mess 
                                                     You ought to embrace it 
                                                      if there's nothing you can do
                                                      to change it... 
                                                     This room has seen my tears 
                                                      I believed that your love 
                                                      Would scare away my fears 
                                                      But that was just a pretty lie 
                                                      and eventually I kissed my 
                                                       sanity goodbye....
                                                      the crazies also have their lullaby"

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