quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2015

Pick me up

It's dark, so dark in here
your reflexion is nothing but a smear
I'm alone, can't remember my way home
The crowd keeps screaming but I'm on my own
They scrambled my brain
I think I've gone insane

I might be blind, cannot see
You took the best of me
Is this all I can be?
The soul cracked, the heart shattered
Can't remind myself of what mattered

Wait! I think the world's wrong
Stop! I 've been marching for how long?
I need to rest my mind
So that I can find
All the answers that I left behind

Searching for each why
Drowning in each lie
Death's sweet lullaby
Can't find God, so I've built my own faith
Never trusted those crooked lines, I draw my fate
Do you think it's too late?
To undo every single mistake?

I've just killed a dream or two
I was bored didn't know what to do
I'm holding on, what about you?
Do you reckon that any of this was true?
Head against the solid wall
Pick me up, will ya? After I fall...

Jack ...

(MKS )

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