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Insomnia Chapter XIV

In order to fight back this nasty solitude business Loony
created two interesting little creatures known as the
Massacre Brothers.
                                        Shibie        and          Tinkie

You can say that they are her special imaginary friends although they can actually be seen by the other dolls since Loony's imagination was strong enough to pull that  off. 
You know when a a person has a devil and an angel on their shoulders, well these fellows are pretty much something like that. Except for the angelic part of course. 
The twins, as they are called, can be so similar and so different at the same time, it's pretty amazing that a broken mind like Loony's could come up with such magnificent creatures. 
Shibie inherited a big part of Loony's dementia, even so her malice is the highlight of her peculiar personality, there are no good intentions whatsoever in that tiny black heart. We can say that she's the personification of selfishness, the feeding of an ego thought to be lost forever. 
This little devil believes that the dolls will be victorious come what may, and this is exactly the kind of restored confidence we all needed in here. 
So she was welcome straight away to the voodoo family. 
Tinkie, the second twin, may strike you as completly bonkers which isn't entirely true. 
Always laughing no matter the circumstances, that constant smile can leave you uncomfortable and uneasy. Seriousness is a word that most certainly doesn't belong in it's vocabulary. 
A laugh in the face of fear can actually scare the sucker away, it's most certainly Loony's secret weapon against that shadow  of sadness that tries to take over her from time to time. Same as the other one Tinkie was well accepted by the remaining dolls. 

                                      " This world always seemed too big 
                                                    and messy to me 
                                         Don't you come as they want you 
                                                              to be 
                                        Common sense is not my thing baby
                                           we don't reason shit, we are crazy
                                                     Oh such a mess 
                                                   I do must confess 
                                            Each day I care less and less 
                                                  Show us that smile 
                                                       Hold on to it 
                                                 Just for a little while 
                                                She'll pop another pill 
                                                    'cause the world
                                           Made her forget about free will  

                                                    You can't scare me 
                                                  You can't frighten us 
                                                  You can't run nor flee
                                                 We came to start a fuss
                                                      You can't beat us
                                                      at our own game  
                                                  So now you'll give up
                                                       what a shame 
                                                     We are nutjobs
                                           and proud of that kind of fame"  

                                                To be continued...

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