segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2015

The minority

I've been off my meds for months now
I've been hanging on but can't
really say how
There was some bad blood
some knifes thrown
But I've grown
I'm worthy of this throne,
Still I'll throw you dogs a bone
A piece of advise
to the so called wise
Be youselves who the fuck
cares 'bout society ?
and whoever they demand
you to be
You may not have a choice
once kicked down on the floor
But it's your decision to stand up
or stay down,
You're worth a lot more!
You allow people to define
your destiny
They control your dreams which is
a huge fatality
They mold you, they bend
your mind
They impose for you to
leave your essence behind
You hold yourself back,
You can't show how you feel
You become their puppet,
nothing in you is real !

You dress how they tell you,
you must be polite
Trends define what you should
or you shouldn't like
Don't bother to think that
they're doing it for you
No, there's pretty much
nothing you can do
So you lie down on the couch
watch some T.V
The so called show of reality
They feed you lies,
They teach you what you must learn
Money is all that matters,
That's what you fight to earn
No, there's no concern
You're doing fine son ...!
What if the media tells you
that it's not around the sun
the Earth revolves, what then?
Obviously first you panic man
Because if they said it it must
be true
And that's the difference
between me and you
I hate being lied to
Manipulated with selected
I feel this increasing frustration
This is all so mundane
And I'm the one who's insane ...
I'll keep smoking
While I wait for you to see
That the one with a problem
is not the minority
But if you want to follow the
herd be my guest
I sincerely wish you all the best

You go ahead and keep swallowing those toads
I did that once, hated it,
Swallowed loads
Nowadays I say fuck that shit
I'm high again throwing the world a fit !



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