quarta-feira, 15 de julho de 2015


It's about time for revolution!
Don't you worry now
I come with a solution!
I'm not just shocked
I'm pissed off at mankind
for allowing this kind of shit
for letting and helping these
Empires to grow brick by brick!
Oh the Dream
what a brilliant scheme
They kill you with the food
they manipulate
Diseases start popping out of
the blue, isn't it great?
But you're only dying
according to God's will
'Cause who the hell would
dare to kill
Millions for oil, money
and power
We can't hear you people
speak louder!
They are conquering the world
one individual at a time
And guess what, it's not even a crime
You are the one thrown in jail
if you refuse to follow their rules
If you don't believe in their promises
we are seen as the fools
I beg to you all, open your eyes
stand up and fight
The truth will only hurt for a bit
Then you'll be alright

I'm just saying that putting a child
in this world is not the brightest idea
in a world controlled by the media
We are all puppets and they hold our strings
But not for long, 'cause it isn't over
'till the fat lady sings!
Can you march for what you are entitled to?
Is that something you can do?
So get the fuck up, and march this way
They are trying to take us down
but we'll live to see another day
We'll shake those structures, tear
them to the ground
'Cause remember what goes around
always comes back around
It's our turn to make you feel
the fear
it's your turn to feel that
the end is near!
How will you feel once
we have the power in our hands?
Will you try to make amends?
This is it!
We aint taking anymore of your shit!



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