sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

Little things

Those little things that
make you smile
and make you hold on for a while
You go down
but always come back stronger
A word of appreciation
enjoying the best of communication
a laugh, a toast
Throwing your hands in the air
living to the most
A black and white photograph
a treasured memory
Coloring in our history
Jumping into the unknown
looking back to how much
we've grown
That passion's fire
that burning desire
getting caught up on those
The thrill of those love games
Little things which you love
to remember ...

Keep dreaming big and
never surrender
Afternoon on the beach, so young
that crazy cigarette left us numb
We played the fools, played dumb
but we just wanted to have fun
That dance, first kiss, butterflies
all over the place
How could I ever forget
your face?
Long nights hooked to
the playstation, the appeal
of the unreal
First time you feel
That glimpse of time freezing over
as your crush walks by
Oh 'cause when you are seventeen
it's a love to die
Oh the fear
of the end being near
That first heartbreak, that
taste of goodbye
it hurt like hell, I'm not
going to lie
Still those little things are
what makes us feel alive
That risk taking
taking the dive !
Just chillin' on the back
of her dad's truck
and first time I saw him
I got struck !
All so happy feeling
so free
and I get to be me
'cause they are the good
kind of society
We became quite a family
I guess we survived
Some of us deprived
of the so called sanity
whatever that might be
Two bottles before the
Dressing up
Dancing like there's no tomorrow,
'cause we don't give a fuck !
After party crashing on the couch
too drunk to sleep Ouch !
Little things dear
not so little once
they get us here ...


sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2015

Sung a sad song once

The trick is I do not
really give up
You're wrong if you think
I'll bent, tough luck
I'm not weak, no sir,
I'm a fighter
A poet, a lover,
a writer
I'm not running away
from shit !
So give it to me,
'cause darling this is it !
I'll take the sunny days,
same as the rain
Promise you all the
loving you deserve
releasing you from the pain
I sung a sad song once, I do
know how you feel
it will take it's time ,
but I guarantee you, it will heal
Before a queen a true king won't
have to kneel
that's the question, how much
of you is real
I'm clawing that wall
I want to see it all
Allow every mask to fall
Once the barriers start
crumbling down
And all those lies fall
on the ground
Once we see the tears of
the clown
We see what you've been
keeping inside, we smile
And don't you worry, they can
tell you, it only hurts
for a little while
I for once had enough
it's just too much
My dreams are too big
for you to crush

You don't even really care if I'm
actually going to crash
So just stop talking trash
I'm still able to stand
I know,
That's something you can't understand
I know,
You never cried your eyes out
I know,
You never feared your lungs would be
torn out over that shout
I do know,
That you never had the guts
to keep it real
I'm aware
That you have no clue of
what I feel
I do understand
my friend
That you have no idea of how it looks like
being near the end
Don't despair
You're still master when it comes
to pretend
Yeah I know ...



quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2015

Bitten thumbs

Fear me not 
this is all that I've got 
You underestimate my
rhymes all the time 
Why stop now ?
You think I'll kick your ass
but don't even know how 
I get tired of the routine where
I see myself getting into 
A small info 
You try too hard !
Let's settle down 
for a bit
I hate these roaller coaster 
rides, they make me sick
Alice in wonderland, 
somekind of trip
Please I just need a good night's sleep

High... too far from the ground 
I won't even dare to look around 
I grind my teeth, bleeding gums 
Shot of Jack, bitten thumbs 
Spitting fire like a beast 
I'd like to welcome you to 
the souls feast 
There's no more loving now 
There's no more here and now 
You'll make it don't worry 
but I couldn't care less about the how !
I'm about to startle that party
About to rock your world
Still that unique girl 
indeed such a pearl ...

Mortality still bugs me 
I remember being a kid 
and not taking it seriously 
Oh I feel the sting of envy ...
Facing it 
Russian roulette 
First kiss the bullet 
Now do it, if you have 
the guts 
I do believe it, this is already

Be kind I'm still alive

I'm trying to see, 
to understand 
But I can't my friend 
it implies a beggining 
if there's an end 
But I just don't get it 
from where I stand;
I was sleep walking, 
it had to be 
Or maybe it was a clone,
not me 
this way is better seriously 



terça-feira, 25 de agosto de 2015

# A soirée at the ballet


Pareces tão inteligente
mas ainda não me conseguiste
Porque decidiste ficar
Põe-te a andar
Há quem saiba fazer
e há quem saiba mandar
E hoje já não temos mais tempo
é tudo o que te posso ensinar

É caso para dizer ele avisou
que ia desiludir
que poderia até nem conseguir
Pediu, suplicou, implorou
Caiu por terra tudo o que edificou
tentas de novo uma e outra vez
A questão é que sou diferente
de todos vocês
Tento a realidade por um bocado
Sento-me ao vosso lado
Mas sinto que me infiltrei
desde que cheguei
não, não me identifiquei

Prevejo um longo caminho
pela frente
Mas não é por isso que se
desiste minha gente !

Por vezes dão aso a boatos
deturpam factos
cedem a pactos
com o próprio diabo
discursam sobre o pecado
pregando uma honesta solução
a chave para a salvação
Nada temas, existe uma absolvição
Jogamos pelo seguro
nada de tiros no escuro
Optemos pela racionalização
perante esta grande confusão
Cessemos toda esta obstinação
Está na altura de colocar um travão
neste pobre coração

Perante a hipótese de refugio
não há como duvidar
Façamos um intervalo, e logo
logo voltaremos a lutar
Chama-se vida, não há como
Ainda agora terminou
e já está na hora de recomeçar ...
fracas noções
Peculiares ilações
que interpelam as emoções
e sou incapaz de atrair boas
Não são saudáveis, longe
de tal
E hoje em dia dizer que se ama
é tão banal
Longe de original
é vulgar, é comum
de pouco valor ou até
mesmo nenhum
Juras lealdade
com tamanha facilidade
fica difícil de acreditar
que é verdade ...



segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

The mermaid tale

Once upon a time
I was yours and you were mine
Trying to catch smoke with our
bare hands, cheating the hourglass
Paiting that sky, smeling
the fresh grass
Wild hearts can't be tamed
Sad smiles won't be framed
We learned it the hard way
and so quickly it goes away
What you thought that would stay
I stranded on the shore
There was nothing left to take
But you kept asking for more
'till we break
and it's too late
to start over ...

Wearing my heart on my sleeve
So caught up, not able to leave
and god knows how I fought
to say goodbye
I was a coward who prefered
to live a lie ...
And you looked me in the eyes
and watched this thing die
I never give up on a fight
and that doesn't exactly mean
that I'm right
I need to learn that lost battles
are real
It doesn't matter how I feel
So I learned how to live
without you
'cause that's what survivors do
the mermaid, that gave up
on everything she knew
Trusting your world, believing
that the sky is not blue
Caught up in your world
Everything was brand new
and I had no clue,
Found no solution to
this problem at sight
Eventually you get tired
of this permanent fight
We fell in love, fell off grace
We tasted the sour disgrace
My nightmares showed your face
Young, naive
We do love make believe
Those fairytales get your hopes up
You believe that you'll live forever
Turn fate around, bend luck
but once upon a time you
got broken hearted and the
Prince never actually gave a fuck !


No one wants the vixen's role

We're going hardcore level
agressive mode
momma the beef's on the stove
piranhas in the lake, blood in the air
Somebody has to pay, we never
said it would be fair
She smelled blood
They want blood
and blood is what we have,
it's what you'll get
aren't you glad we've met?
Shark tank, small fish
Damn ! I'm the main course
you are a side dish
Overcoming me ? You wish ...
Bitch !
That's a fetish
You would have to die and
be born again
and God knows how the world
doesn't need that man
Come on we've all come across
a wannabe bitch one day
They try to lead on the whole
world their way

Back to basics it's diss o'clock
I'm gifted with persistence
but you gotta know when to stop
Specially when it doesn't make
a fuckin' difference
Yo daddy's girl
tell me what you are all about
if things don't go your way
will you kick and shout ?
You do try but you'll
never figure me out !
Happy family style
Yeah bitches gone wild
Oh dear this is with no doubt
a very dangerous love affair
Specially if one of us is
only pretending to care
You should've known better
but oh well turns out you're
not that clever

We keep moving in circles
going round and round
I can't stand your voice no more,
what a nasty sound
Day dreamer, can't keep my feet
on the ground
Oh darling look what I found
Your brain ! Please don't leave
this lying around ...

Can you spot the differences dear ?
I mean isn't that why you are here?
So me... I'm the black sheep,
the misfit,
the crazy one
The best spitting rhymes
like a machine gun
They said it , still smiling
on the portrait
Neat little frame
but you look sad
what a shame

Rather a nutjob,
a punk
than a freekin' skank !



domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Insomnia Capitulo XV

É melhor avançarmos para o próximo quarto,
a Doll seguinte foi a ùltima a ser criada.
O seu nome é La Resistance mas todos lhe chamam de Rez.

O seu quarto é na verdade um bunker, o único sitio onde ela se sente
realmente segura, onde ela se pode permitir a relaxar, repensar ou reorganizar os seus
planos, todos os esquemas e tácticas.
Sendo que foi a última a nascer é conhecida por ser a sobrevivente, resistiu perante uma feia batalha, a pior de sempre, até todo este drama ter acontecido. É fácil percebermos que Rez tem pelo menos mais uma batalha pela frente.
Confiamos que ela vai conseguir uma vez mais, não nos deixará ficar mal de certo,
Mas toda esta luta deixa as suas marcas e ela carrega as cicatrizes de um passado bastante problemático.
Agarrou-se à coroa do falso rei, lembrança de como se pode acabar ao confiar nas pessoas erradas.
A chave pendurada no seu pescoço abre a porta do verdadeiro sonho, onde só se pode entrar assim que se estiver realmente preparado.
Ela foi capaz de resistir a toda a dor, a toda a mágoa e às perdas, recusando-se a ser mais uma casualidade.
Ela chegou para vencer, para entregar justiça a todos aqueles corações partidos. Ela é o seu hino, a esperança para um recomeço e um futuro melhor.

             " I saved the best part of my pain 
            for you 
             That's the least I can do  
               Since this scar has your name 

              The mighty do fall 
             unlike you
            I will stand tall
                   Do you know what you can do?
                    Yes, let's see how does a king crawl

                  She'll hunt you down
                    in memory of the crown 
                     She won't rest, she won't sleep
                    'Till she buries you deep
                 Rip your heart out
                     and hear you shout !"


Insomnia Chapter XV

We better go onto the next room, the following doll
was actually the last one to be created.
Her name is La Resistance but everybody just calls
her Rez.

Her room is mostly a bunker, the only place where she actually feels completly safe, where she can lay back and rethink or reorganize all her plans, all her schemes all the tactics.
Being the last to be born she is known as the survivor, she resisted before an ugly battle, thought to be the worst ever, 'till this whole drama happened.
We easily figured that Rez has at least one more war to fight.
We trust that she'll make it once again, she will not let us down for sure.
But all the battling leaves it's marks and she carries the scars of a very troubled past.
Held on to the fake King's crown as a reminder of how you'll end up by trusting the wrong kind of people.
The key hanging on her neck opens the door to the true dream, where you can only enter once you're ready for it.
She was able to resist all the pain, all the sorrow, the losses, refusing to be just one more casualty.
She came to win, to deliver justice to all of these broken hearts. She is their anthem, their hope for a new start and a better future up ahead.

              " I saved the best part of my pain 
            for you 
             That's the least I can do  
               Since this scar has your name 

              The mighty do fall 
             unlike you
            I will stand tall
                   Do you know what you can do?
                    Yes, let's see how does a king crawl

                  She'll hunt you down
                    in memory of the crown 
                     She won't rest, she won't sleep
                    'Till she buries you deep
                 Rip your heart out
                     and hear you shout !"

To be continued ...

sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015



It kills you not having what to say
Dark clouds, heavy rain,
but far from an ordinary day
You don't know what to write
dried ink, blank sheets
Unable to find the answers
though he resiliently seeks
Staring at the horizon and trying
to guess what else is in store for me
how is it going to be
Yeah I know I'm just being silly
Nowadays I've just been getting so high
and then gazing the sky...

Oh then sometimes reality hits
and it strikes
and it kicks back
We are flesh and bones
before sticks and stones
Where does the soul go?
And do I really want to know?
So fragile, so weak
I think I'm going to be sick
It comes at you so quickly,
in a blink
Sometimes with no warning,
no sort of hint

That's why you all pray
to gods
'cause what are the odds
of simply nothing happening after?
The freekin' end of the chapter
Up in smoke all we went through
All of a sudden there's just a me
and no you
Don't know where you are now,
You're gone, couldn't care less about
understanding how
It's unfair, heartbreaking
still hurts, nothing pretty about it
nevertheless breathtaking
I tripped, I fell
Lying here battling between
Heaven and Hell
Wishing that stars mean
that you are watching over me
I know I should grow up
how could this be ?
And you wake up everyday
with that same feeling
it was just a nightmare, and that alone
stops the wound from healing
They won't come back, you don't
know if you'll see them ever again
And that is one of the most fucked up
realities man...
We are living under borrowed time,
our story is paper thin
This world tends to be both beautifully
and painfully mean...


quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2015

Polished smile

There's a constant war between
the brain and the heart
So what happens if one of them
gets torn apart
Well some begin to create
my kind of art
The brain
shuts down
due to all the pain

it seems incredibly
but it's true
After all this time
occasionally I think of you;
Not even close to straight
far from politically correct
But a neat frame, even you
will admit that
crazy portrait, polished smile
We had it all, at least for a
little while

What a lovely story
If he wasn't the Devil's seed
Oh come on that can't be the end
Yeah come on, tell us another one
kind friend...
With princes, witches,
and pixie dust
Those ones based on love,
and trust
Loyalty and slaying dragons
Those where good always
prevails  at the end of the day
let's pretend for a while okay?
No pain, no tears
happiness all around
shall we take our feet
off the ground?
We're going to start the story
Schhh don't make a sound

We keep climbing although
I don't know where to
Are you lost too?
Well you're not alone,
now there's me and you
let's not worry, I'm sure
we'll make it through;
That inocence
long gone
Will we ever move on?
from those who we lost
from those for whom we payed
a high cost
those that were left behind
and the ghosts that I prefer
not having to find

My world, my rules,
Around here we still love,
yeah we are fools
We still feel
and loyalty is the real deal !



#Dream Team

sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015

# Burlesque

                                                 So it's Friday night people
                                                and we are going Burlesque!
                                                  As I told you before I owe
                                              this inspiration to my dear friend
                                                              once again.
                                                 A big thank you to her and
                                         to all of you that keep checkin' out my posts.


Some are long gone
Lost for good
And you must move on
Yes you should
but it's hard to let go
impossible to forget
No I'm not ready
not yet
I cannot erase all those
laughs, all those tears
We fought away those
We planned a future that
we were never meant to see
But we believed it strongly
Still it could never be
Different paths, another road
to cross
Once a part of you, now just
another loss

So I'll toast to your goodbye
with this tall glass of red wine
it's that and this heartache of mine
This shitty life goes like this
Sometimes they are gone right after
the very first kiss

To you it's a see you later
we'll see each other again
And we will have a lot of stories
to share man
Drink up, we'll meet soon
Smoke it up, while gazing
the pale moon
Some deserted, never looked back
Casualties, that fell off the map
Still not forgotten
another scar to carry
Life lessons tend to be heavy
We do have burnt pictures
of smiles we wasted away
We hold on to that special
memory of a sunny day
We shared a bottle, a bound, but even
a true friend
Get's scared once it gets to the end
Red wine, cigarettes, nice talk
You held me once I wasn't able
to walk
We fell together how naive
to think we would have this forever
That we could make it through any
kind of weather
We were passionate, not that clever
But we grew up, changed direction
we lost that strong conection
And then you are gone for good
at last
No matter how many years went by
You just think that it was too fast

Some come back, others never return
Will you come back home?
Or am I on my own?
Others got bigger dreams to follow
and some hearts turned hollow
We will toast to each memory
Yes what a story...


sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

# Saturday night out

                     An outfit inspired in a very original friend of mine.
                                     A true inspiration indeed. 
                                             #Bow Tie Trend 

The blood froze over

Misfortune, that's just bad luck
The Prince doesn't give a fuck ah ah ah
Sometimes the blood freezes
and I think I'm dead
Yeah you're not the first to tell me,
I'm sick in the head...
I fell in, got out
Not scar free if there's
any doubt ;
No you're too worried
in preaching morality
to actually see
that it also happened to me
but yeah let it be...
I'm used to the rain
familiar to that kind of pain
Intimate with self destruction
That warmth of that flame
Cat and mouse in the chase
of the blame
Now tell me which one of
us is insane
Naive enough to believe that
demons can be kept on a tame

Jesus I'm on fire
keep on dreaming
higher and higher
Always a new goal
a new dream
A new plan, another scheme
You gotta hold strong
Do not give up
Do not give in
Trust your luck
Rely on your gut
Never a Saint,
always up for a tasty sin
Yeah I know I was a bitch,
I was mean
You don't know my story
You don't know what I've seen
That is clearly the last
song of our evening
Straight to your left,
the exit
Shit I'm dreaming
Who the fuck is singing?
Where am I at?
Yeah you have my back
'till the final act
I'm just so baked right now
I can't write
Shit that's bad
I'm going to bed...


# Mermaid Dream

sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2015

Summer nights

Love hurts they say
it kills you as well
with you ...it was living hell
But we kept twisting it
and turning it around
'till we were forced
to put our feet on the ground

Still we cannot forget those
summer nights
that gentle breeze
your smile the wickedest tease
That moment your heart just froze,
time stopped
Elapsed, and knocked me down
Swept me off my feet
Gave up that crown
once our eyes meet
the song follows,
that chorus stuck on repeat
Damn I can only hear
my heart beat
I need to focus, get a grip
Foolishly I take another sip
After what he sent I need to give
the Devil a better tip

You're torture, temptation
pain and pleasure wrapped into one
that emotional roller coaster
meant for you to have fun
You get stuck, get attached
now there's no way out
Fool you fell in love if you
still had any doubt
Now the person for who you'd
stop bullets is behind the trigger
and now the hole in your fragile soul
is getting bigger
you're on your knees paying
for it sinner
Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is our theme
song of the evening
we were too numb to catch all
the scheming
Fell asleep
only to realize we were in too deep
Not necessary, that's okay
Who cares about what they say anyway
It wasn't right, it was wrong
it was a chorus not the whole song
Too weak to rise strong
too little, and it didn't take
that long
We just came for a bit of sing along

Now we are free
Kick that bucket 'cause
whatever homie
Just be happy!
Now we have blue cocktails
in those summer nights
Now we gaze the stars
and dream on those lights
I still get high
up there in the clouds
Shit I'm high right now,
while writing this letter
What about you?
Feeling better?


# Going Out

#Her wedding dress

Dream Wedding 

Today I bring you another exclusive design,
a created for a really special friend
 who I miss very much. I hope y'all like it .