quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2015

Bitten thumbs

Fear me not 
this is all that I've got 
You underestimate my
rhymes all the time 
Why stop now ?
You think I'll kick your ass
but don't even know how 
I get tired of the routine where
I see myself getting into 
A small info 
You try too hard !
Let's settle down 
for a bit
I hate these roaller coaster 
rides, they make me sick
Alice in wonderland, 
somekind of trip
Please I just need a good night's sleep

High... too far from the ground 
I won't even dare to look around 
I grind my teeth, bleeding gums 
Shot of Jack, bitten thumbs 
Spitting fire like a beast 
I'd like to welcome you to 
the souls feast 
There's no more loving now 
There's no more here and now 
You'll make it don't worry 
but I couldn't care less about the how !
I'm about to startle that party
About to rock your world
Still that unique girl 
indeed such a pearl ...

Mortality still bugs me 
I remember being a kid 
and not taking it seriously 
Oh I feel the sting of envy ...
Facing it 
Russian roulette 
First kiss the bullet 
Now do it, if you have 
the guts 
I do believe it, this is already

Be kind I'm still alive

I'm trying to see, 
to understand 
But I can't my friend 
it implies a beggining 
if there's an end 
But I just don't get it 
from where I stand;
I was sleep walking, 
it had to be 
Or maybe it was a clone,
not me 
this way is better seriously 



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