sexta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2015


It kills you not having what to say
Dark clouds, heavy rain,
but far from an ordinary day
You don't know what to write
dried ink, blank sheets
Unable to find the answers
though he resiliently seeks
Staring at the horizon and trying
to guess what else is in store for me
how is it going to be
Yeah I know I'm just being silly
Nowadays I've just been getting so high
and then gazing the sky...

Oh then sometimes reality hits
and it strikes
and it kicks back
We are flesh and bones
before sticks and stones
Where does the soul go?
And do I really want to know?
So fragile, so weak
I think I'm going to be sick
It comes at you so quickly,
in a blink
Sometimes with no warning,
no sort of hint

That's why you all pray
to gods
'cause what are the odds
of simply nothing happening after?
The freekin' end of the chapter
Up in smoke all we went through
All of a sudden there's just a me
and no you
Don't know where you are now,
You're gone, couldn't care less about
understanding how
It's unfair, heartbreaking
still hurts, nothing pretty about it
nevertheless breathtaking
I tripped, I fell
Lying here battling between
Heaven and Hell
Wishing that stars mean
that you are watching over me
I know I should grow up
how could this be ?
And you wake up everyday
with that same feeling
it was just a nightmare, and that alone
stops the wound from healing
They won't come back, you don't
know if you'll see them ever again
And that is one of the most fucked up
realities man...
We are living under borrowed time,
our story is paper thin
This world tends to be both beautifully
and painfully mean...


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