sexta-feira, 14 de agosto de 2015


Some are long gone
Lost for good
And you must move on
Yes you should
but it's hard to let go
impossible to forget
No I'm not ready
not yet
I cannot erase all those
laughs, all those tears
We fought away those
We planned a future that
we were never meant to see
But we believed it strongly
Still it could never be
Different paths, another road
to cross
Once a part of you, now just
another loss

So I'll toast to your goodbye
with this tall glass of red wine
it's that and this heartache of mine
This shitty life goes like this
Sometimes they are gone right after
the very first kiss

To you it's a see you later
we'll see each other again
And we will have a lot of stories
to share man
Drink up, we'll meet soon
Smoke it up, while gazing
the pale moon
Some deserted, never looked back
Casualties, that fell off the map
Still not forgotten
another scar to carry
Life lessons tend to be heavy
We do have burnt pictures
of smiles we wasted away
We hold on to that special
memory of a sunny day
We shared a bottle, a bound, but even
a true friend
Get's scared once it gets to the end
Red wine, cigarettes, nice talk
You held me once I wasn't able
to walk
We fell together how naive
to think we would have this forever
That we could make it through any
kind of weather
We were passionate, not that clever
But we grew up, changed direction
we lost that strong conection
And then you are gone for good
at last
No matter how many years went by
You just think that it was too fast

Some come back, others never return
Will you come back home?
Or am I on my own?
Others got bigger dreams to follow
and some hearts turned hollow
We will toast to each memory
Yes what a story...


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