domingo, 23 de agosto de 2015

Insomnia Chapter XV

We better go onto the next room, the following doll
was actually the last one to be created.
Her name is La Resistance but everybody just calls
her Rez.

Her room is mostly a bunker, the only place where she actually feels completly safe, where she can lay back and rethink or reorganize all her plans, all her schemes all the tactics.
Being the last to be born she is known as the survivor, she resisted before an ugly battle, thought to be the worst ever, 'till this whole drama happened.
We easily figured that Rez has at least one more war to fight.
We trust that she'll make it once again, she will not let us down for sure.
But all the battling leaves it's marks and she carries the scars of a very troubled past.
Held on to the fake King's crown as a reminder of how you'll end up by trusting the wrong kind of people.
The key hanging on her neck opens the door to the true dream, where you can only enter once you're ready for it.
She was able to resist all the pain, all the sorrow, the losses, refusing to be just one more casualty.
She came to win, to deliver justice to all of these broken hearts. She is their anthem, their hope for a new start and a better future up ahead.

              " I saved the best part of my pain 
            for you 
             That's the least I can do  
               Since this scar has your name 

              The mighty do fall 
             unlike you
            I will stand tall
                   Do you know what you can do?
                    Yes, let's see how does a king crawl

                  She'll hunt you down
                    in memory of the crown 
                     She won't rest, she won't sleep
                    'Till she buries you deep
                 Rip your heart out
                     and hear you shout !"

To be continued ...

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