sábado, 29 de agosto de 2015

Little things

Those little things that
make you smile
and make you hold on for a while
You go down
but always come back stronger
A word of appreciation
enjoying the best of communication
a laugh, a toast
Throwing your hands in the air
living to the most
A black and white photograph
a treasured memory
Coloring in our history
Jumping into the unknown
looking back to how much
we've grown
That passion's fire
that burning desire
getting caught up on those
The thrill of those love games
Little things which you love
to remember ...

Keep dreaming big and
never surrender
Afternoon on the beach, so young
that crazy cigarette left us numb
We played the fools, played dumb
but we just wanted to have fun
That dance, first kiss, butterflies
all over the place
How could I ever forget
your face?
Long nights hooked to
the playstation, the appeal
of the unreal
First time you feel
That glimpse of time freezing over
as your crush walks by
Oh 'cause when you are seventeen
it's a love to die
Oh the fear
of the end being near
That first heartbreak, that
taste of goodbye
it hurt like hell, I'm not
going to lie
Still those little things are
what makes us feel alive
That risk taking
taking the dive !
Just chillin' on the back
of her dad's truck
and first time I saw him
I got struck !
All so happy feeling
so free
and I get to be me
'cause they are the good
kind of society
We became quite a family
I guess we survived
Some of us deprived
of the so called sanity
whatever that might be
Two bottles before the
Dressing up
Dancing like there's no tomorrow,
'cause we don't give a fuck !
After party crashing on the couch
too drunk to sleep Ouch !
Little things dear
not so little once
they get us here ...


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