segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

No one wants the vixen's role

We're going hardcore level
agressive mode
momma the beef's on the stove
piranhas in the lake, blood in the air
Somebody has to pay, we never
said it would be fair
She smelled blood
They want blood
and blood is what we have,
it's what you'll get
aren't you glad we've met?
Shark tank, small fish
Damn ! I'm the main course
you are a side dish
Overcoming me ? You wish ...
Bitch !
That's a fetish
You would have to die and
be born again
and God knows how the world
doesn't need that man
Come on we've all come across
a wannabe bitch one day
They try to lead on the whole
world their way

Back to basics it's diss o'clock
I'm gifted with persistence
but you gotta know when to stop
Specially when it doesn't make
a fuckin' difference
Yo daddy's girl
tell me what you are all about
if things don't go your way
will you kick and shout ?
You do try but you'll
never figure me out !
Happy family style
Yeah bitches gone wild
Oh dear this is with no doubt
a very dangerous love affair
Specially if one of us is
only pretending to care
You should've known better
but oh well turns out you're
not that clever

We keep moving in circles
going round and round
I can't stand your voice no more,
what a nasty sound
Day dreamer, can't keep my feet
on the ground
Oh darling look what I found
Your brain ! Please don't leave
this lying around ...

Can you spot the differences dear ?
I mean isn't that why you are here?
So me... I'm the black sheep,
the misfit,
the crazy one
The best spitting rhymes
like a machine gun
They said it , still smiling
on the portrait
Neat little frame
but you look sad
what a shame

Rather a nutjob,
a punk
than a freekin' skank !



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