quinta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2015

Polished smile

There's a constant war between
the brain and the heart
So what happens if one of them
gets torn apart
Well some begin to create
my kind of art
The brain
shuts down
due to all the pain

it seems incredibly
but it's true
After all this time
occasionally I think of you;
Not even close to straight
far from politically correct
But a neat frame, even you
will admit that
crazy portrait, polished smile
We had it all, at least for a
little while

What a lovely story
If he wasn't the Devil's seed
Oh come on that can't be the end
Yeah come on, tell us another one
kind friend...
With princes, witches,
and pixie dust
Those ones based on love,
and trust
Loyalty and slaying dragons
Those where good always
prevails  at the end of the day
let's pretend for a while okay?
No pain, no tears
happiness all around
shall we take our feet
off the ground?
We're going to start the story
Schhh don't make a sound

We keep climbing although
I don't know where to
Are you lost too?
Well you're not alone,
now there's me and you
let's not worry, I'm sure
we'll make it through;
That inocence
long gone
Will we ever move on?
from those who we lost
from those for whom we payed
a high cost
those that were left behind
and the ghosts that I prefer
not having to find

My world, my rules,
Around here we still love,
yeah we are fools
We still feel
and loyalty is the real deal !



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