sexta-feira, 7 de agosto de 2015

Summer nights

Love hurts they say
it kills you as well
with you was living hell
But we kept twisting it
and turning it around
'till we were forced
to put our feet on the ground

Still we cannot forget those
summer nights
that gentle breeze
your smile the wickedest tease
That moment your heart just froze,
time stopped
Elapsed, and knocked me down
Swept me off my feet
Gave up that crown
once our eyes meet
the song follows,
that chorus stuck on repeat
Damn I can only hear
my heart beat
I need to focus, get a grip
Foolishly I take another sip
After what he sent I need to give
the Devil a better tip

You're torture, temptation
pain and pleasure wrapped into one
that emotional roller coaster
meant for you to have fun
You get stuck, get attached
now there's no way out
Fool you fell in love if you
still had any doubt
Now the person for who you'd
stop bullets is behind the trigger
and now the hole in your fragile soul
is getting bigger
you're on your knees paying
for it sinner
Ashtrays and Heartbreaks is our theme
song of the evening
we were too numb to catch all
the scheming
Fell asleep
only to realize we were in too deep
Not necessary, that's okay
Who cares about what they say anyway
It wasn't right, it was wrong
it was a chorus not the whole song
Too weak to rise strong
too little, and it didn't take
that long
We just came for a bit of sing along

Now we are free
Kick that bucket 'cause
whatever homie
Just be happy!
Now we have blue cocktails
in those summer nights
Now we gaze the stars
and dream on those lights
I still get high
up there in the clouds
Shit I'm high right now,
while writing this letter
What about you?
Feeling better?


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