sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2015

Sung a sad song once

The trick is I do not
really give up
You're wrong if you think
I'll bent, tough luck
I'm not weak, no sir,
I'm a fighter
A poet, a lover,
a writer
I'm not running away
from shit !
So give it to me,
'cause darling this is it !
I'll take the sunny days,
same as the rain
Promise you all the
loving you deserve
releasing you from the pain
I sung a sad song once, I do
know how you feel
it will take it's time ,
but I guarantee you, it will heal
Before a queen a true king won't
have to kneel
that's the question, how much
of you is real
I'm clawing that wall
I want to see it all
Allow every mask to fall
Once the barriers start
crumbling down
And all those lies fall
on the ground
Once we see the tears of
the clown
We see what you've been
keeping inside, we smile
And don't you worry, they can
tell you, it only hurts
for a little while
I for once had enough
it's just too much
My dreams are too big
for you to crush

You don't even really care if I'm
actually going to crash
So just stop talking trash
I'm still able to stand
I know,
That's something you can't understand
I know,
You never cried your eyes out
I know,
You never feared your lungs would be
torn out over that shout
I do know,
That you never had the guts
to keep it real
I'm aware
That you have no clue of
what I feel
I do understand
my friend
That you have no idea of how it looks like
being near the end
Don't despair
You're still master when it comes
to pretend
Yeah I know ...



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