sábado, 8 de agosto de 2015

The blood froze over

Misfortune, that's just bad luck
The Prince doesn't give a fuck ah ah ah
Sometimes the blood freezes
and I think I'm dead
Yeah you're not the first to tell me,
I'm sick in the head...
I fell in, got out
Not scar free if there's
any doubt ;
No you're too worried
in preaching morality
to actually see
that it also happened to me
but yeah let it be...
I'm used to the rain
familiar to that kind of pain
Intimate with self destruction
That warmth of that flame
Cat and mouse in the chase
of the blame
Now tell me which one of
us is insane
Naive enough to believe that
demons can be kept on a tame

Jesus I'm on fire
keep on dreaming
higher and higher
Always a new goal
a new dream
A new plan, another scheme
You gotta hold strong
Do not give up
Do not give in
Trust your luck
Rely on your gut
Never a Saint,
always up for a tasty sin
Yeah I know I was a bitch,
I was mean
You don't know my story
You don't know what I've seen
That is clearly the last
song of our evening
Straight to your left,
the exit
Shit I'm dreaming
Who the fuck is singing?
Where am I at?
Yeah you have my back
'till the final act
I'm just so baked right now
I can't write
Shit that's bad
I'm going to bed...


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