segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

The mermaid tale

Once upon a time
I was yours and you were mine
Trying to catch smoke with our
bare hands, cheating the hourglass
Paiting that sky, smeling
the fresh grass
Wild hearts can't be tamed
Sad smiles won't be framed
We learned it the hard way
and so quickly it goes away
What you thought that would stay
I stranded on the shore
There was nothing left to take
But you kept asking for more
'till we break
and it's too late
to start over ...

Wearing my heart on my sleeve
So caught up, not able to leave
and god knows how I fought
to say goodbye
I was a coward who prefered
to live a lie ...
And you looked me in the eyes
and watched this thing die
I never give up on a fight
and that doesn't exactly mean
that I'm right
I need to learn that lost battles
are real
It doesn't matter how I feel
So I learned how to live
without you
'cause that's what survivors do
the mermaid, that gave up
on everything she knew
Trusting your world, believing
that the sky is not blue
Caught up in your world
Everything was brand new
and I had no clue,
Found no solution to
this problem at sight
Eventually you get tired
of this permanent fight
We fell in love, fell off grace
We tasted the sour disgrace
My nightmares showed your face
Young, naive
We do love make believe
Those fairytales get your hopes up
You believe that you'll live forever
Turn fate around, bend luck
but once upon a time you
got broken hearted and the
Prince never actually gave a fuck !


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