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Insomnia Chapter XVI

Now my friends we'll take this tour downstairs,
where the last four dolls live.
First I'll take you to the Lab where our own Dr. Frankenstein is,
I bring to you the D.O.C.
For those of you who don't know D.O.C actually stands for
Daughter of Chaos, but since she's always trying to help the dolls
through science she's known as D.O.C.

This doll was the creator of both Plague and Black Widow as I explained
before, she was able to take these two shreds of soul and tried to create the ultimate warrior dolls.
As I told you before that didn't turn out exactly as she hoped for, at least not with Plague.
Unfortunately Plague wasn't her last mistake, after realizing that their bad luck when it comes to love would persist she decided to give them a hand. But D.O.C is far from being a good kind of Cupid and things didn't turn out as nicely as she thought.
She believed she could create a real life prince, this whole thing started once she realized in what sort of pain Plague was drowning into.
In order for you to understand what the hell I'm talking about I present you the Tale of the Frankengroom.

"So D.O.C solved the problem, she created Black Widow
but one night she looked out the window
and she saw Plague, wearing that shabby wedding dress
sitting in the corner, bloodshot eyes, a complete mess 
Even with no heart, she can't forget that fake prince 
she has been crying about it ever since ...
D.O.C decided that something had to be done
before she considers a bullet and a cold gun
So how about building the perfect man 
putting together parts of the lovers from back then
It's basically a new concept of voodoo doll
he will be your puppet, it might work after all;
She got down to business, and gathered the boys 
four of them, nowadays merely toys;
Locked them up, they have no idea what they are here for 
Go on dear try to bust that door !
He will be put together limb by limb, torn apart like yourself 
and his heart will be kept on the shelf !
So first we take that first love out of the cage
Step back ladies we know that there's a lot of rage 
towards this someone who introduced you to pain 
at such an early age 
What we'll take from him are those pretty eyes
but not his lips, those are full with lies !
Ok one down, three to go
Are you enjoying this little show?

Next comes the causer of that raw attraction
so of course he will provide the body, let's pass to action !
Hummm you are going to enjoy this dear
Plague is going to flip when she sees what we are doing here 
So we need the lips, bring that fling to me !
this is as perfect as it can be
not a true love's kiss but there's passion along the way
and he will be all yours, go ahead you can play !
Oh wait there's something missing
you need more besides the squeezing and kissing
We don't have a brain
We can't take one from them, they are all the same
too damn slow and lame
Oh fuck ! This whole project just went down the drain 
all this hard work for nothing, what a shame
I'm sorry Plague, I thought I could pull this off, I'm the one to blame
So now we are left with incomplete bodies 
filled with scars and sad stories, 
Oh but wait there's one left completly untouched , it can't be
Plague can you come here baby?
Let's rip his heart out, just for fun 
Ready? Stay still, okay, done !
Don't you feel better now ? I know I do
He was the only one to whom I said I love you too
There is a reason why I never said it again
we could never reuse anything from this man !
Alrighty then ...
So now we close this prototype stitch by stitch 
and the rest will be thrown in the ditch !
Never happened, we'll move on
we'll close the grave before dawn !
We won't give up love, I know that this might sound pretty insane 
but who knows maybe one day you'll be walking down the lane 
and you'll find the perfect brain !

Ah ah let's not lose hope yet ! "


D.O.C's frustration led her to investigate in order to improve this wicked project of hers,
So while still on the real world she started using  common individuals, that she would kidnap and hide away form the other dolls knowledge. She would take out of them whatever useful thing she could find, a heart, a soul, those pretty eyes and so on.
Needless to say that the whole experience was a failure, so she covered the whole thing up abandoning those projects on earth leaving with the other dolls to Insomnia.
These creatures nor humans nor dolls are called The Nemeses.
We all know the truth always comes up no matter how deep you bury it and they've been trying to get in the island for a while now.
At this point the magical barrier that keeps anyone or anything from going in has been preventing a disaster, but who knows until when this will last.

D.O.C is considered the brain of the operation, the creator of the finest beasts. 
She lives for this, so she spends most of her time down in the Lab, she pratically lives there, Beside those test tubes, the threads and needles same as those blasting explosions all over the place. She's an artist no doubt there, even so she can actually get too caught up in her plotting crossing the line of right and wrong too often. 

" Hell is full of good intentions they say
and the despair may 
lead you on into seeing 
a new day

Everything's chaotic 
madness scattered 
  when it comes to being ordinary
     they wouldn't dare ..."

To be continued ...

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