domingo, 13 de setembro de 2015

Insomnia Chapter XVII

Next door we'll find Plague's crypt, the dark,
scary place where she spends most of her days
all alone blaming herself for her supposed defect. Her bleeding heart.
When facing love she stood no chance, the heart got ripped, never to
beat again even after D.O.C put it back again.
Wearing your heart on the sleeve can get quite dangerous and our
dearest Plague learnt that the hard way.
Fortunately there's a time when you realize that there's no point in
crying around, that won't solve anything.
The only thing left for you to do is to pick up the pieces and fight back.
So our little Plague became a warrior, a killer, the knife she always carries around
is already tainted, still she holds on to a little spark of hope in finding her
shining knight someday.
Through bleeding gums, broken nails, tears and sweat, she became your worst nightmare.

" Deep scar, old memory
Dark ages of history
   They played their tricks 
on you 
   And there was nothing 
  You could do

  Left in the corner 
  alone to cry
   Didn't even kiss you 

Your ego is smothering 
 my pride 
 Time to face the living 
 dead bride 
The Plague, your nightmare 
Don't you dare 
to say I'm not fair 
This hatred is consuming me 
You better stand back baby 
'till my last breath 
I shall avenge this wrath 

Cry me a river or even a sea
That won't change 
  What has been done to me."

To be continued...

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