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Insomnia Chapter XVIII

Locked in the dungeons paying her dues
we find poor Lil' Missy.
Bloody Queen ordered her imprisonment after
that last stunt she pulled.
Being good on a screwed up and upside down
world is actually of no use. So her fate is to take
a small glimpse of those sun rays through those cold
steel bars set on that tiny window.
Her supposedly good deed unleashed pain and chaos all
over Insomnia, the Queen got so mad that she wanted to
banish Lil' Missy forever.
After a long assembly between all the dolls they decided that she, being
one of their own, would be allowed to stay in Insomnia and in the mannor as
long as she remains locked up and watched twenty four seven.

The job of looking out for Missy landed on Hell Bitch's lap, so she also has a tiny room next to those creepy and unpleasant dungeons.
She's her caretaker now, unlike her she's not restrained to the place even so it's where she spends most of her time.
Her room is small and hot as hell, she feeds on the flames created by her anger.
She's vicious, and you should never cross her path without a good reason for it.
She's capable of doing anything to protect Insomnia ant it's Queen, same as the rest of the dolls.
A true soldier fighting for the cause, so if that means keeping an eye on Lil' Missy preventing her from doing something stupid as before that's exactly what she'll do.

"What good is a heart
    that's doomed to break  
Get torn apart
   and put this land at stake 

What good is a flame 
that someone will 
blow away 
What a shame 
there's nothing more 
   left to say ... "

"Hell's fury will come down 
on you 
We'll protect the crown 
even if it's the last thing 
we'll do 

This soldier will never 
back down 
We'll keep on fighting 
holding our ground 
What goes around 
comes back around 
We'll twist and bend
our fate 
while for you 
   well it's too damn late !"

Before we move on I would like to share with you another small tale, it's called The 5 stages to a cold stone  heart. 

" The alarm clock is on, welcome back
   Reality just hit you, you're still on the wrong track
   becareful little girl or you might fall off the map
   It's a sad day  but we're still gonna rap
   I wondered how it would be the first time facing death
   Pain and misunterstanding, so do the math
   First comes Denial, you wake up everyday
  Thinking it was all a nightmare, she's okay
  Then in the next five minutes you come to your senses
  You're a big girl, you should give up all these nonsense
  I stare at your picture wondering why'd you had to go so soon
  There are already enough stars around the moon
  The Anger continues to build up
  Everybody's worried now, but you don't give a fuck
  It's an awful anguish that gets you down on your knees
  Begging at the skies, bring her back please !
  The Bargaining is one of the saddest moments of these steps
  They see me drowning, they're placing their bets
  Is she going to make it ? Her whole world is upside down
  But her heart is still beating and she still holds the crown
  Tried to reason with God, offered him all I had
  He didn't take it, I got really mad
  So negotiations switched sides, went to the underground
 The devil laughed in my face, it was an excruciating sound
 He couldn't do shit, sent me on my way
 Now I'm roaming around, can't remember how to pray

 Depression hits you, you're all alone
 They try to pick you up, but you are on your own
 Pitch black room, pieces of the heart shattered all over the floor
 You can't seem to get past the idea of nothing being like before
 All I've got left are happy memories, that I wouldn't trade for the Universe
 And all I can give you now is each verse
 Then Acceptance comes eventually
 We all know it's not going to be easy
 and I wish you'd be so kind
 to ease my mind
Will we ever see each other again ?
Will you remember me then ?
Are you in peace wherever you are ?
Is heaven near or pretty far ?
Are you an angel or a star ?
Am I ever going to get over this scar ?
I'm going to be fine one day
Still, forgive me 'cause it's not going to be today ..."


To be continued...

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