quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2015

Postponed reality

I don't know what I 'll do
Once this inspiration runs out
what will I write about ?
is has been like this for years now
and it keeps on coming, I don't know how
I just use them,
abuse it
And confuse it
I'm an addict
I cannot stop
I run against the clock
They won't let me be
What's happening to me ?
it's excruciating
I'm allucinating
You prey on the next lost case
you can find
ignoring all you've learned,
leaving it behind
it's chaos ,
it's madness ,
it's sickning ,
the sadness
You feed on the fear
that constant doubt
you hold on, strong, ladies
do not shout !

Screw this shit
it's agony
The walls are probably
the only ones listening to me
and see, eventually
you'll need to take
this seriously
'cause sadly
and honestly
I welcome you to reality

Well smile...
because it's not as overrated as
it shold be
smile ... because it's one of the
most prettiest things you'll ever see

Don't really feel like facing
the real world today
And why
are you that eager to give it a try ?
It's same old, same old
all over again
I'm getting very tired of
it man
Can no longer hide it
and I've tried it
They request too much
for what I have to give
they want me to, but I don't know
if I can still believe
There's so much I do hope to achieve
Time is always playing it's deceive
I want to see it all,
be free
No matter what they'll say,
I just want to be me !!!



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