quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2015

What's hidden on those walls

Here I've been at
my worst
and rose to my
very best
Always put through
the test
I've been hated on,
envied at
I took those shots for
those who had my back
I've been loved, I've been
hugged and talked about
We laughed, we cried,
it echoed each shout
We sweated, we danced
You swept my feet off
the ground
I flew, I fell
I sunk so low
I've followed the rhythm
I've gone with the flow
I've been kissed,
I got laid
I was his fuck buddy;
His sweet mermaid
that got stranded on
the shore
Poor sucker after bumps and
bruises kept coming
back for more

We toasted, we created
each memory
Like it or not  we made
I got my heart broken,
tried to forget each fight
Lord knows how I got
through each night
fake smiles, a mascarade
and me, the queen of them
We sang along
we tried to fix what was
wrecked for too long
We kept secrets, made our
own swear
We kind of allowed ourselves
to believe
that we would always be here
Each bottle down,
and a lullaby
each darn goodbye
What we lost in the flames
it's ashes in the wind
Give us one last song
to sing

We followed each note
with the thrill of the chase
Yes maybe it was indeed a
weird phase
The best and the worse
a gift and a curse
What we know, and what we
will never forget
Life lessons darling
that's what I collect
Small mistakes, hardly
a regret ...


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