quinta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2015

The damned ones; first ( and maybe last) entree

I've been before the jury
and hell hath no fury;
I'm still completly broke
A walking talking joke
it's crawling under your
skin isn't it?
it kind of itches
doesn't it?

Black widow messing
around with each prey
Oh! Why are you
running away?
You really can't stay?
So pull the plug, I
don't want to feel shit
it's just not mine to keep
yes fate I'm throwing a fit !

You take years building those walls
getting used to that armor
and you took it all in a heartbeat
that alone is enough to make me sick ...
I never quite get what I want
there's always a mistake
A mix up, a fuck up
it's bound to break
it was not mine to take
Once you get addicted to
that flavour on the tip of your tongue
Once you desire it so much to
the point you're numb
that's when they take it away
and with tears in his eyes he says
that he cannot stay
You sit on the floor
broken, right down to the core
You get to feel that you
can't take much more
and same as before
you get the fuck up
twist fate and bend this
already crooked luck !

You were Dorian Gray
another beautiful dragon
for me to slay ,
Nowadays you cannot stand
your own reflex
I do wonder though what's
your pretext
God have mercy on you
He is lost in all that he
thought he could do
I knew you weren't ready
and I'm so tired of your world already

Time stood still
He couldn't love me but
he said " I will"
Now I've got time to kill
Queen of Insomnia, you
better kneel
Truth be told you couldn't
care less about how I feel
You are not the victim and
neither am I
What can I do if they choose
to lie ?
I'm so very sorry, I just
can no longer cry
Well I do not even try
'cause when it comes to choosing,
 I'm always high !


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