sábado, 21 de novembro de 2015

It's Okay ...

There's magic everywhere
if you actually dare to see ...
it's a crazy world but still
it has it's beauty ...

There's no life without you
but there's none with you either
what can we do? It's a sickness
somekind of fever
I thought I had more time
you're never ready to say goodbye
always so eager to believe
that eternal lie
Can't stop it even though you try
and this all went down too fast
of course it could never last
We crashed too hard,
stroke down by the blast
I don't even remember
when I started caring
No apologies, and it's most likely
that I'm going to start swearing
I do remember though
it's very end
What a relief, I'm not
even going to pretend
that I'm not glad it's over
that I am free
yes not that easy
it has been a while
but here it is
that unique smile

Sometimes what trully
makes you happy
it's not what you wanted
all along
but it's okay you know ?
it's okay to be wrong
yes sometimes ...
Man if it makes you happy
catch that dream
giving up is not really
my kind of scene
Me ? I'll keep on chasing
those hopes till the say I die
There's always one more shot,
one more try
I already fell, of course I did,
yes left to cry
Kissed a few frogs goodbye
Even so there's still some magic here
and I intend to enjoy every
single bit of it dear ...

Easy baby, maybe I'm alive
not as dead as you left me to be
go easy on me
Dark skies, bright moon
your love, my doom ...
It's as if Superman fell
in love with kryptonite
you had my heart on the
very first night
No love, this isn't okay
This isn't alright
How can you ask me to fight?
if you are the living proof
that darkness can never take the light

How can we outrun fate ?
if it's clearly too late
Oh, Hell threw it's best baite
and you were my last mistake ...

( He says :) She took my soul
that was the Devil's main goal
Make it rain
make it wash away
all the pain
You got lost in all
that you could do
And I got caught up
on you ....


sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

An epiphany

Good vibes people
only good vibes allowed here
come on, we know you want to,
so give us a smile dear !
She teases like nobody else
Uauuuu better watch yourself
I'm backkkkk !!!!!
did you miss me sweety pie ?!
Come on now, we are all alone
there's no need to lie
Thanks to you I already know how
to do it too well
And you ask me if I'm going
to Hell
geez ...
absolutely ...
Fear me not
all I want is respect
copy that ?
Where are you lookin' at?
So I'm the monster,
you unleashed the beast
it's obviously the poor soul's feast

If now you're going to say
you are sorry
just don't .
let's forget this whole story
they may not believe it
´cause hell to the no !
but my lyrics know
oh they do know

So this is an epiphany
who knew ?
that one day I would
be completly free of you ...
I'm making some changes,
a toast to the end
we put on a hell of a fight friend
I'm determinating,
I'm moving on
before you can blink twice
I'm already gone !
I want to see how far it goes
push it to the limit
and still I demand more
Bring it, rip it, dig it
right from your core

He hates me, the kind of hatred
that keeps him from looking me in the eyes
Do not ever insult my intelligence again
by feeding me your lies
You're gutless, I pity you
and that's the worst feeling of all,
there's nothing I can do
I'm sorry that I cannot help,
I trully am love
Well continue to pray, maybe they'll
send someone from up above
yeah you try that
I'll be right back ...

Whoosh !


quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2015


Miss independence
Miss always right
the kind that doesn't
back down from a fight ,
Never afraid, chin up
that act of someone
who doesn't give a fuck
Bending fate, twisting luck
not your usual sitting duck,
Miss no chance in Hell
´cause I know your kind
of promises too well
Back off, don't even try
I'm not in the mood to be
left to cry
You have no power around here
The best you can do is turn
the fuck around dear !!
No strings attached, I'm
not a puppet for you to play
So get the hell out of my
damn way !
Always so full of certainties,
so over each goodbye
Won't trip on your stupid
kind of lie
Don't even bother to try

Oh wait ...
Then she fell in love
fell hard, worst ... she realized
what she fell for
Why would you open that
freakin' door?
Now you're hardly that stuck up miss
I met before !
Needless to say
eventually he went on his way ...
Oh little miss you feel like
crying now
Don't even remember how
it has been so long
since you have sung this song
You never lose touch, right dear?
Look at us kneeling before fear
Broken barriers, broken heart
tearing this happily ever after apart
Allowing someone to get inside,
you are welcome prick, hope you
enjoyed the ride ...

Two sides of the road
two versions of the same story
you and your white horse
in all your glory
or you're a liar in disguise
set on disturbing the wise.


terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

The last of me

Why would you talk on my back
if you smile to my face?
I never expected to win 'cause
I didn't know this was a race
Still, against you I wouldn't even
bother to pick up the pace
I don't enjoy wasting my time,
nor preaching to the choir
Let it burn baby, feed the fire

See, I already explained this
several times, you don't care
then don't come complaining about
how life isn't fair !
Come on look at me in the eyes
I feed on your lies !
On your rotten promises
The dark side of the moon
I do wish you grow up,
and you better do it soon;
A true prince indeed
he even lacked the brain
Oh love here I am
tied up to that ball and chain
Too heavy, too much
I'm done fighting over a crush !
Sometimes the best thing to do
is to walk away
They are not worth the effort anyway ...

Me? Playing hard to get? No ...
not really
and it becomes a problem if you're
not taking me seriously
I do like to show them what
they gave up on
Can you blame me?
Didn't think so, let's move on
Tell me again how I'm not a proper lady
hang around for a little bit more
and I'll show you how crazy
this miss can be !
A stoner, a passion's slave
lord knows that I'm unaware
of how I have to behave

Don't know what will happen
I just know you haven't heard
the last of me

Oh girl and you look so ugly
when you cry
pathetic once you swear that you
will never give it another try
'Cause I always end up being
such a fool,
A fool for you
You are going to go back there and
there's nothing you can do,
So now no more promises let's
keep it real
'cause I'm the only one knowing
how I really feel
one day at a time, that's
the deal ...



sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2015

Pitch black

Everything about this
is dark they say
pitch black even
during the day
But well the world
isn't very pink is it now ?
Still you turn your head around ,
although I don't know how
How you ignore, or pretend not to see
All this chaos created by a corrupted society
Oh love I do want to write about perfection
if such thing would exist
against some of you I do
feel it's useless to insist
You do love to lie and look
the other way
Maybe you'll understand one day
but certainly not today
How disappointing your ideals are
weak morals that can easily start a war
You're crazy enough to pay
to name a star
So worried about the other side
too busy to enjoy this unique ride
How crazy? Can I say it's destiny?
when others decide the outcome for me !!!
You'll not be allowed to see the whole world
'cause the pharmaceutical company
needs it's money
So yeah you must die one day
anyway, honey
Yes I  bet the bastards
think it's funny
Laughing about all those
diseases over breakfast
Can you actually feel?
Please tell us, are you even real?
I mean human,
is this your mission?
That selfish sense of

Well yeah I can see
the headlight
Sadly for you it says that
it takes a true hero to fight
What a despicable purpose
you have
And I'm the one whose mad?
If we have you in the world
why would we fear monsters under the bed? !


quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

Utterly alone

Who am I trying to fool?
It's actually kinf of cruel
one more wall to hit
or is it just another castle easy to
tear apart brick by brick ?
Indeed I tried to help you out
But whose going to help me?
A pertinent doubt
I promise not to scream, I
won't shout
I can no longer feel it, to tell the truth
I dissected it
from the root
Who needs who the most?
Certainly, clearly I became
crazyness best host
You don't really notice me most of the time,
Sometimes I feel like a ghost
but these pages know it,
the walls witnessed it
and the smoke I blow it,
blow it all away
Heartbroken yes, I'm well aware
Doesn't mean I care
I'll ask, who the hell
gives a fuck if life's not fair ?
Everything keeps changing while
I'm here trying to put my feet on the ground
I don't recognize shit each time
I dare to look around
And once I find what is lost
Will I actually like what I've found ?

Oh man, that old song
I was feeling it all wrong
I just had the craziest idea,
let's runaway
What do you say?
Presenting the solution,
If I may
Exagerated, time to flee
I'll say, the problem is me
But don't go just yet,
I know I'm the one you want to forget
It's so confusing,
I just feel it all too much
can't control such a rush
I'm happy, I'm sad
I'm still here, but completly mad
Angry, or not giving a fuck
So free and also stuck
it's exhausting, I'm tired
I tried to help and it backfired
I don't know honestly
what's going to become of me
But for now let's not worry
I'm not in a hurry ...



quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Parasite's infestation

I'm a wanderer, a dreamer
a cold hearted believer
hoping that all will come true
It's only fair after all that we've
gone through
Wars, starvation
plagues and a spark of salvation
Now march
light that torch
You chose to crawl
while we fought to
stand tall !
I heard your speech, there
was nothing new about it
It's only normal they all
doubt it
You preach, but it never comes through
and that's the exact line that separates
us from you !
Enough speaking, what about some action
you stand too high in your tower
there's no interaction
The rabble, like you used to say
well we are the ones who will fight one day
but not in your name
'cause you made your own bed,
so why are we to blame ?

People hear me out !
Fill in your lungs
for fuck sake will you shout ?!?
We are done cleaning your shit
Raise your voices this is it !
You are the minority
The ones that stupidly believe
they have it all
you should've know by now
the higher you climb the harder
is the fall
I'm proud to sign my name
Can you say the same?
No, you hide in shame
Dark filthy corner
behind of that plan of
a new world order
The bastards as you said before
the ones that keep struggling,
always giving more
The parasites, are kings
compared to that weak species of yours !
Oh we always play to win of course !
You can't beat us, 'cause you'll never understand
What's like to claw your way out even if it looks
like it's the end !
Naaah you're way out of your
league my friend
Out of your comfort zone,
all alone
'Cause they will all see it
one day
Maybe not tomorrow,
definitely not today
but you can't hide it forever
Even you know that, right?
Fuck it, if only you were
a little clever ...



terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2015

First things first

How can you do it?
How can you stand yourself?
Had to stand out
Couldn't bear being kept on a shelf
Nasty reflexion, can you still
sleep at night?
Nooo, well, down a couple pills
and you'll be alright
You're not afraid of the dark
you just prefer to have a light
You do desire to win
but refuse to fight
You smile at my face
but stab me in the back
Correct me if I'm wrong
isn't it like that?
Oh no doubt this kind of path
will put you on the map !
Some see you as a regret
others are just desperate to forget
Me ??! I'm just glad we met
I always say thanks
when it comes to inspiration
I do not sink in frustration
I will not deprive them of
such art
Praying mantis,
with no heart
You rip their heads off,
some say you're a cunt
I don't even think that you are mean
just a fool that pulled off a hell of a stunt
Just a sad individual,
envious to the core
Easy to push aside
to simply ignore
'Cause actually hating on you
is such a bore
Yeah you're lame, and I
bet you already heard it before
You're used to kick those
already on the floor
Never satisfied, always
coming back for more

Don't need you, to tell the truth,
never did
Mom just taught me to help
those in need
thought you could use some
from someone actually wise
Yes me, most definitely not you,
don't act like it's a surprise
Wants true love and a castle
I mean yeah chase your dreams
but first you should learn
what loyalty trully means
I'm talking about caring,
not obssession
'Cause you already know everything
about adding one more to the collection
The finest selection
those preys, too easy to get,
they were asking for it
so what's there to regret ?
Free will and the right speech
yeah you make them your bitch
Hunting the wounded,
torturing the weak
I know dear, there there,
you're sick
the kind of shit
you spit
is with no doubt unique
you actually believe it !
Some will follow around
others, the ones that
were on the ground
will rise, stand up tall
teaching you the last
lesson of them all,
the mighty do fall
You are filthy, I'm crazy
and having a ball !!!