sexta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2015

An epiphany

Good vibes people
only good vibes allowed here
come on, we know you want to,
so give us a smile dear !
She teases like nobody else
Uauuuu better watch yourself
I'm backkkkk !!!!!
did you miss me sweety pie ?!
Come on now, we are all alone
there's no need to lie
Thanks to you I already know how
to do it too well
And you ask me if I'm going
to Hell
geez ...
absolutely ...
Fear me not
all I want is respect
copy that ?
Where are you lookin' at?
So I'm the monster,
you unleashed the beast
it's obviously the poor soul's feast

If now you're going to say
you are sorry
just don't .
let's forget this whole story
they may not believe it
´cause hell to the no !
but my lyrics know
oh they do know

So this is an epiphany
who knew ?
that one day I would
be completly free of you ...
I'm making some changes,
a toast to the end
we put on a hell of a fight friend
I'm determinating,
I'm moving on
before you can blink twice
I'm already gone !
I want to see how far it goes
push it to the limit
and still I demand more
Bring it, rip it, dig it
right from your core

He hates me, the kind of hatred
that keeps him from looking me in the eyes
Do not ever insult my intelligence again
by feeding me your lies
You're gutless, I pity you
and that's the worst feeling of all,
there's nothing I can do
I'm sorry that I cannot help,
I trully am love
Well continue to pray, maybe they'll
send someone from up above
yeah you try that
I'll be right back ...

Whoosh !


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