terça-feira, 10 de novembro de 2015

First things first

How can you do it?
How can you stand yourself?
Had to stand out
Couldn't bear being kept on a shelf
Nasty reflexion, can you still
sleep at night?
Nooo, well, down a couple pills
and you'll be alright
You're not afraid of the dark
you just prefer to have a light
You do desire to win
but refuse to fight
You smile at my face
but stab me in the back
Correct me if I'm wrong
isn't it like that?
Oh no doubt this kind of path
will put you on the map !
Some see you as a regret
others are just desperate to forget
Me ??! I'm just glad we met
I always say thanks
when it comes to inspiration
I do not sink in frustration
I will not deprive them of
such art
Praying mantis,
with no heart
You rip their heads off,
some say you're a cunt
I don't even think that you are mean
just a fool that pulled off a hell of a stunt
Just a sad individual,
envious to the core
Easy to push aside
to simply ignore
'Cause actually hating on you
is such a bore
Yeah you're lame, and I
bet you already heard it before
You're used to kick those
already on the floor
Never satisfied, always
coming back for more

Don't need you, to tell the truth,
never did
Mom just taught me to help
those in need
thought you could use some
from someone actually wise
Yes me, most definitely not you,
don't act like it's a surprise
Wants true love and a castle
I mean yeah chase your dreams
but first you should learn
what loyalty trully means
I'm talking about caring,
not obssession
'Cause you already know everything
about adding one more to the collection
The finest selection
those preys, too easy to get,
they were asking for it
so what's there to regret ?
Free will and the right speech
yeah you make them your bitch
Hunting the wounded,
torturing the weak
I know dear, there there,
you're sick
the kind of shit
you spit
is with no doubt unique
you actually believe it !
Some will follow around
others, the ones that
were on the ground
will rise, stand up tall
teaching you the last
lesson of them all,
the mighty do fall
You are filthy, I'm crazy
and having a ball !!!


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