sábado, 21 de novembro de 2015

It's Okay ...

There's magic everywhere
if you actually dare to see ...
it's a crazy world but still
it has it's beauty ...

There's no life without you
but there's none with you either
what can we do? It's a sickness
somekind of fever
I thought I had more time
you're never ready to say goodbye
always so eager to believe
that eternal lie
Can't stop it even though you try
and this all went down too fast
of course it could never last
We crashed too hard,
stroke down by the blast
I don't even remember
when I started caring
No apologies, and it's most likely
that I'm going to start swearing
I do remember though
it's very end
What a relief, I'm not
even going to pretend
that I'm not glad it's over
that I am free
yes not that easy
it has been a while
but here it is
that unique smile

Sometimes what trully
makes you happy
it's not what you wanted
all along
but it's okay you know ?
it's okay to be wrong
yes sometimes ...
Man if it makes you happy
catch that dream
giving up is not really
my kind of scene
Me ? I'll keep on chasing
those hopes till the say I die
There's always one more shot,
one more try
I already fell, of course I did,
yes left to cry
Kissed a few frogs goodbye
Even so there's still some magic here
and I intend to enjoy every
single bit of it dear ...

Easy baby, maybe I'm alive
not as dead as you left me to be
go easy on me
Dark skies, bright moon
your love, my doom ...
It's as if Superman fell
in love with kryptonite
you had my heart on the
very first night
No love, this isn't okay
This isn't alright
How can you ask me to fight?
if you are the living proof
that darkness can never take the light

How can we outrun fate ?
if it's clearly too late
Oh, Hell threw it's best baite
and you were my last mistake ...

( He says :) She took my soul
that was the Devil's main goal
Make it rain
make it wash away
all the pain
You got lost in all
that you could do
And I got caught up
on you ....


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