quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2015


Miss independence
Miss always right
the kind that doesn't
back down from a fight ,
Never afraid, chin up
that act of someone
who doesn't give a fuck
Bending fate, twisting luck
not your usual sitting duck,
Miss no chance in Hell
´cause I know your kind
of promises too well
Back off, don't even try
I'm not in the mood to be
left to cry
You have no power around here
The best you can do is turn
the fuck around dear !!
No strings attached, I'm
not a puppet for you to play
So get the hell out of my
damn way !
Always so full of certainties,
so over each goodbye
Won't trip on your stupid
kind of lie
Don't even bother to try

Oh wait ...
Then she fell in love
fell hard, worst ... she realized
what she fell for
Why would you open that
freakin' door?
Now you're hardly that stuck up miss
I met before !
Needless to say
eventually he went on his way ...
Oh little miss you feel like
crying now
Don't even remember how
it has been so long
since you have sung this song
You never lose touch, right dear?
Look at us kneeling before fear
Broken barriers, broken heart
tearing this happily ever after apart
Allowing someone to get inside,
you are welcome prick, hope you
enjoyed the ride ...

Two sides of the road
two versions of the same story
you and your white horse
in all your glory
or you're a liar in disguise
set on disturbing the wise.


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