quarta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2015

Parasite's infestation

I'm a wanderer, a dreamer
a cold hearted believer
hoping that all will come true
It's only fair after all that we've
gone through
Wars, starvation
plagues and a spark of salvation
Now march
light that torch
You chose to crawl
while we fought to
stand tall !
I heard your speech, there
was nothing new about it
It's only normal they all
doubt it
You preach, but it never comes through
and that's the exact line that separates
us from you !
Enough speaking, what about some action
you stand too high in your tower
there's no interaction
The rabble, like you used to say
well we are the ones who will fight one day
but not in your name
'cause you made your own bed,
so why are we to blame ?

People hear me out !
Fill in your lungs
for fuck sake will you shout ?!?
We are done cleaning your shit
Raise your voices this is it !
You are the minority
The ones that stupidly believe
they have it all
you should've know by now
the higher you climb the harder
is the fall
I'm proud to sign my name
Can you say the same?
No, you hide in shame
Dark filthy corner
behind of that plan of
a new world order
The bastards as you said before
the ones that keep struggling,
always giving more
The parasites, are kings
compared to that weak species of yours !
Oh we always play to win of course !
You can't beat us, 'cause you'll never understand
What's like to claw your way out even if it looks
like it's the end !
Naaah you're way out of your
league my friend
Out of your comfort zone,
all alone
'Cause they will all see it
one day
Maybe not tomorrow,
definitely not today
but you can't hide it forever
Even you know that, right?
Fuck it, if only you were
a little clever ...



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