sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2015

Pitch black

Everything about this
is dark they say
pitch black even
during the day
But well the world
isn't very pink is it now ?
Still you turn your head around ,
although I don't know how
How you ignore, or pretend not to see
All this chaos created by a corrupted society
Oh love I do want to write about perfection
if such thing would exist
against some of you I do
feel it's useless to insist
You do love to lie and look
the other way
Maybe you'll understand one day
but certainly not today
How disappointing your ideals are
weak morals that can easily start a war
You're crazy enough to pay
to name a star
So worried about the other side
too busy to enjoy this unique ride
How crazy? Can I say it's destiny?
when others decide the outcome for me !!!
You'll not be allowed to see the whole world
'cause the pharmaceutical company
needs it's money
So yeah you must die one day
anyway, honey
Yes I  bet the bastards
think it's funny
Laughing about all those
diseases over breakfast
Can you actually feel?
Please tell us, are you even real?
I mean human,
is this your mission?
That selfish sense of

Well yeah I can see
the headlight
Sadly for you it says that
it takes a true hero to fight
What a despicable purpose
you have
And I'm the one whose mad?
If we have you in the world
why would we fear monsters under the bed? !


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