terça-feira, 17 de novembro de 2015

The last of me

Why would you talk on my back
if you smile to my face?
I never expected to win 'cause
I didn't know this was a race
Still, against you I wouldn't even
bother to pick up the pace
I don't enjoy wasting my time,
nor preaching to the choir
Let it burn baby, feed the fire

See, I already explained this
several times, you don't care
then don't come complaining about
how life isn't fair !
Come on look at me in the eyes
I feed on your lies !
On your rotten promises
The dark side of the moon
I do wish you grow up,
and you better do it soon;
A true prince indeed
he even lacked the brain
Oh love here I am
tied up to that ball and chain
Too heavy, too much
I'm done fighting over a crush !
Sometimes the best thing to do
is to walk away
They are not worth the effort anyway ...

Me? Playing hard to get? No ...
not really
and it becomes a problem if you're
not taking me seriously
I do like to show them what
they gave up on
Can you blame me?
Didn't think so, let's move on
Tell me again how I'm not a proper lady
hang around for a little bit more
and I'll show you how crazy
this miss can be !
A stoner, a passion's slave
lord knows that I'm unaware
of how I have to behave

Don't know what will happen
I just know you haven't heard
the last of me

Oh girl and you look so ugly
when you cry
pathetic once you swear that you
will never give it another try
'Cause I always end up being
such a fool,
A fool for you
You are going to go back there and
there's nothing you can do,
So now no more promises let's
keep it real
'cause I'm the only one knowing
how I really feel
one day at a time, that's
the deal ...



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