quinta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2015

Utterly alone

Who am I trying to fool?
It's actually kinf of cruel
one more wall to hit
or is it just another castle easy to
tear apart brick by brick ?
Indeed I tried to help you out
But whose going to help me?
A pertinent doubt
I promise not to scream, I
won't shout
I can no longer feel it, to tell the truth
I dissected it
from the root
Who needs who the most?
Certainly, clearly I became
crazyness best host
You don't really notice me most of the time,
Sometimes I feel like a ghost
but these pages know it,
the walls witnessed it
and the smoke I blow it,
blow it all away
Heartbroken yes, I'm well aware
Doesn't mean I care
I'll ask, who the hell
gives a fuck if life's not fair ?
Everything keeps changing while
I'm here trying to put my feet on the ground
I don't recognize shit each time
I dare to look around
And once I find what is lost
Will I actually like what I've found ?

Oh man, that old song
I was feeling it all wrong
I just had the craziest idea,
let's runaway
What do you say?
Presenting the solution,
If I may
Exagerated, time to flee
I'll say, the problem is me
But don't go just yet,
I know I'm the one you want to forget
It's so confusing,
I just feel it all too much
can't control such a rush
I'm happy, I'm sad
I'm still here, but completly mad
Angry, or not giving a fuck
So free and also stuck
it's exhausting, I'm tired
I tried to help and it backfired
I don't know honestly
what's going to become of me
But for now let's not worry
I'm not in a hurry ...



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