segunda-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2016

My soul is freezin' dude !

I'm allowed to leave this earth,
once I've counted each star
Once I can make you see
how incredible you really are
After I take them to know the world
After I spread out through the universe
my word
A signature that turned into a dream,
an aspiration
My true love and object of adoration
There's talent, there's art
pouring out this resilient heart
Why the long faces ? We're having fun
Believe me, I'm so not done
I recharged this gun
This is the shot I waited so
long to take
I won't bend, I won't break
it's not too late
Even if the lights go out
even if no one hears me shout
Have no doubt
I still be fighting my way through
Are you coming too?
I'm gonna burst through the sky
You know me, I do not  lie
So come, let's fuckin' fly

Passion's bitch, I'm in love with it all
I do not regret each fall
I learned it, it was rough
I grew up tough
I keep singing new chorus,
'cause it's never enough
Even if instead of love it was
just a bluff
I was taught the game
pretty much drove me insane
I prefer raw emotions, yes I'm that lame
I'm not the ideal picture for your frame
So I tend to end up consumed
by the flame ...

I let you in, did you enjoy the show ?
No ...
Is that why you had to go ?
The tables turned
It all got burnt
But I'm not going anywhere
'till I make it
I guess I'll meet you there
I'm looking good for a washed- up,
that no one takes seriously
wasn't that it dearie ?
I was the freak, the crazy one,
too ugly for your standards, too thin
I wonder if you keep your speech
after I win
'cause I aint moving,
I'm not stepping aside
Please swallow your
damn pride
and just enjoy the ride ...



domingo, 27 de novembro de 2016

What are you on ?

How does it feel like ?
How does it taste like ?
Been there, done that
Good luck putting up
with that pile of crap
All talk no action
Everybody's waiting
for your reaction
Give them what they want
give the crowd all the filth all the dirt
I can smell blood in the air,
someone will end up hurt
Don't talk down I'm up here
What pisses you off the most
is that I'm still sincere
And that's why they fear me dear
People only speak the truth
once the end is near

What keeps you going ?
What are you on ?
You're just a courpse, since
your soul is gone
The dark is already here, so
I'll wait for the dawn
Water bills, TV. bills, gas bills,
electricity  too
And they turn to you
saying that this is all you'll have
'till you die
Well tough luck 'cause I'm not ready
to kiss my dreams goodbye
So go ahead and cry
Once it all crumbles down
But at least I still gave it a try
You do not control destiny
and you are not the boss of me
You are just blinded 'cause you
refuse to see
The incredible person that you
can actually be
As long as those stars still shine
fighting will be a right of mine
As long as the earth spins, and
the sun is up there in the sky
I'll be damned, but I'll try
I'm already that high
I already feel like I can fly
Call it a fantasy, call it a lie
Come on don't be shy
Say I'll never make it,
that I'll never get far
Reopen that nasty scar
Once more here we are
Drag me down like you
always do
Thing is, we're talking about
me not you
I'll get off my ass and do
something for a change
You keep dreaming at a close
Let's do this, let's make it
Here's your shot, take it


quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2016

Rotten dreams

What exactly will
be my resolution ?
Is there a fuckin'
solution ?
For all this shit,
five years of this,
I'm dead meat
All of it in a row
Come on not again,
hell no
I think I'm gonna
go home now
and stay there
I don't feel safe with
myself and that's not fair
Take my advise,
don't follow my example
I'm the ruined sample
Don't know what I'm talking about
Can't figure myself out

Are you mad ?
I'm sad ...
Sometimes I miss what
I never had
I desperately
 need to pee
Hi, it's me ...
Again yes
A pain in your ass
An incredible mess
True friend nevertheless
I'm so high
for tonight I would settle
by staring at the sky
But even the stars lie
They're not even there
And I don't really care

I've got to wake up early
tomorrow and clean my room
it looks like a bomb went off,
that's pretty much it, Boom ...
I'm losing it
bit by bit
I plan to build it up
brick by brick
I spent time in bed with the enemy
I'm becoming the villain,
which suits me
Ohhh you took too much,
what a hell of an experience
Living on the edge of this rush
life is provided with a small deviance
I feel that I'm walking straight,
but what if I'm not
Insecurities, that's all I've got
I'm allowing my dreams to rot
That's so silly, specially after
how much I've fought
Well I'm gonna give it another go
'Cause hell, we never know ...



segunda-feira, 21 de novembro de 2016


DOC do you think I'm evil by what I'm thinking ?
Well that depends child, but tell me and keep blinking 
So the voices go like I hate you all and you should die ...
Oh dear but that's not true, I know that's a lie 
Well yes, I love my momma and baby brother
and grandpa and grandmother
But the rest of the world is such a bother
Can't figure you out, I just want to get away
You're sucking my bliss, I'm not going to be okay
anytime soon,
yes and I'll be back, although nowadays I'm so
much better on the moon
My own private wonderland
It's not burying the head in the sand
Your world is just too much for me to understand
I've been writing for years, can't feel my hand
Battling with the conscience, dissecting an old mistake
Trying to prevent a future heartbreak
But once you think you got it, it's already too late
I don't know, is it karma? Is it fate ?
Or am I just live bait ?
Ohhh you felt this shit ? Was it an earthquake ?
No, I'm willing to bet that this was it, tough break
Another hero revealed as a fake
There are a lot of those running around here
Yeah You've met a few haven't you dear ?
Hummm can you feel it ? Bursting through each vein
Revenge is dying to come out , and it has your name
You are King of no Reign
But I got to control this, tame this inside
After all this was just a joke, wasn't it Clyde ?
And you feel like clawing the skin out of your body
'Cause it itches and hurts just remembering this story

We will never move mountains, we won't move shit
'Cause you're not willing to help, not even a little bit
This frustrated joy ride got me sick
What if it all ended now, what then ?
You better face it, aren't you a man ?
it's the collision route, too much damage to continue
Too many lies to keep believing it was ever true
I fell right there, face on the ground
"Freak show" they scream from all around
They laugh of the girl who for a second dared to believe
That the happily ever after wasn't impossible to achieve
Now head down, watch her leave
Hope's gone when it comes to a heart affair
You better stop it, that is taking you nowhere
If you never itch bellow the surface you'll never see
What all this fun and games made of me
A monster, look closely ...



sábado, 19 de novembro de 2016

The whole story

Do you want to know
the whole story?
It's not about heroes,
nor glory
I'm not the villain, nor
the victim here
There are no more tears
left to cry dear
I like to think of myself
as a bystander
Which is better than what you are,
little pretender

They are not bad people,
only human
masters of ilusion, deception
that's why there was no connection
Them and their masks
Who are you?
Them and their secrets
What are you gonna do?
Them and those dirty lies
We do hate it
But it's time for some more

It's the sickness of the mind
You know what they say
No man get's left behind
it's obvious, you're gonna end up
hurting yourself
Love, your man is looking at me funny
You better put your boy on a leash honey
You're not dead, you're just numb
You're not bad, just dumb
Feel my heartbeat like a drum
Come, come
come at me
We are done, I broke free
Tell your homie
To calm down
This is not your circus clown
What up thug ?
I'll squash you like a bug
Now go ahead and eat shit
all alone
You're on your own !

It's about time we dust
off this mike
hang on, don't worry
this time we'll get it right !


sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2016

The hunting season is open : killed a couple of love birds today

You do pretend
about all that you trully intend,
it doesn't matter ,
you're still weak
Good luck with whatever
that is you seek
Me? I actually quit
it's all so dark, so selfish, makes me go numb
Love, I'm actually not that dumb
I do not enjoy the pain,
nor savor each fear
I do not take pleasure in being constantly
surrounded by fear
That's not a reflexion in the mirror
it's a smear
Kept on catchin' up with that walk of shame
With no one but myself to blame
Usually I'm already here
and don't even remember why I came
That ivory tower won't stand there forever
So let's be smart, let's be clever
it's pretty much now or never ...

You always go with the flow
you never actually planned a me and a you
Well fuck you too
You're so full of bullshit
easy to see through
I'm as real as it gets, and
that scares the shit out of you

Karma never fails,
and when it comes to you
it has some catchin' up to do
Selfishness is a dreadful sin
You're not evil, just mean
The type that would steal
candy from a baby
Just 'cause he's happier than you
Oh you are simply a frustrated little lady
Greedy, so fake than not even China would
claim your ass
Dear this shit you are in is your
own damn mess
you give only to take
you built only to break
you may actually be sorry,
but it might be too late

That's twice already,
walking all over me
But see
I'm just waiting deary
now this is how it's gonna be
My rules, did you hear me silly ?
Money changes, power corrupts isn't that right ?
Tell me, can you still sleep through the whole night ?
I just hope you know
how far I'm willing to go
to kill your little show

The voices are my best friends
And I do know they're
gonna be here 'till the end ...


Blue dreams

quinta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2016

Poking Zombies

Ladies and gentlemen
here we are once more
another year, you must be ready for !
He says that this is special
I don't think so
He says he will stay no matter what
But now he needs to go
Yes I know ...
You've got to leave it all behind
I do hope that you can find
all that you wished for and some
peace of mind ...
You forgot
I did not ...
It's all here
and it's no good
You say you're trying
I wish you would ...
New shot, same gun
I guess you're stuck with those memories
yes we did have fun ...

Dear diary, I see dead people
I'm done
Yes I quit on all of this,
yup I'm the one !

Does this happen to you too?
Wanting to do so much
but there's only as  much as
you can do
I'm on a mission
I'm on a rampage
get the fuck out of my face !
Stop the press ! I'm back for good
the wolf got too fat
couldn't chase red ridding hood !
I'm the light to your darkness
as I'm a bit dark myself
Maybe we should just leave this unfinished
chapter on the shelf
Poking zombies
the brain dead
you heard me
that's exactly what I said
you all made your bed !
You blink your eyes
'cause you're seeing the light
Blood rushing loudly to your veins
hammering the back of your skull
this life is most certainly not dull
We do live it in full
Man I'm too high
Get me some sugar ! Ah ah ah
I know, it's a hard task
that of letting go of the mask
but you better do it, and fast
'cause time is known for not being
able to last
You'll be out of here soon enough
while you're at it, fight,
I know you, you can take it rough !


quarta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2016

Despicable me

Worst than a poisoned apple
far more dangerous than the
Evil Queen
Villainous love, not just mean
Despicable me
You already took advantage
of my generosity
That's the problem with all of you
You confuse my kindness with
So here's what I'll do
I'll teach you a lesson or two
Sticks and stones
Can't do me no harm
I'm bad to the bones
Sound the alarm
Black widow baby
hanging from the web
I scare the shit out of the
monster under your bed

The nice girl is gone
and she's not planning on
coming back
Unlike you, honesty is something
that I don't lack
I do have what it takes
to be put on the map
Between my intelligence
and yours, there's an enormous gap
What I once loved, makes me sick today
You're not able to stand against me,
so get the hell out of my way
Beg on your knees, fake preachers
are the ones who pray
I crave for closure, for an end game
Don't worry, I know I'm the one
to blame
Your arms stretched out deluded me
Expectations are the worst
and we enjoyed the most
The mighties rise and fall
But a true Queen will never crawl
Assassin, out for blood
My name up in those lights
yours in the mud
I intend to kill,
it's called free will
To murder that notion that the world
has of you
You'll watch it go down
'cause there's nothing you can do
If you strike a deal with the Devil
you are as guilty as he is
Nothing more than a mere tease
I aint showing no love to those bitches
Thanks to you I got to know the pain
of these stitches
Stabbing the smoke, Oh I'm this party's hostess
Oh gee what a nonsense
Bow down to your highness
for the truthful ruler has arrived at last
I advise you to get out of my sight
and make it fast
I'm out drinking this ghost
Yes enjoying the most
of this shit
Down to the last sip
Yeah I'm tasting it
bit by bit ...


terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2016

Head over hills

Okay so this might come as a shock to you
but I also have a sweet side
and when it comes to loving
it's like a roller coaster ride
I sign as Lil' Missy when it comes
to falling on my face
I force those boys to
pick up the pace
I'm demanding when it comes
to that fairytale
because when things get serious
the princes tend to fail
So we had to take drastic measures
so that you wouldn't lose your heart
She seems tough but she's
broken apart
She wears that same heart on her sleeve,
an emotions slave
So we tried to get her to her senses,
but she wouldn't come down
Head over hills while you should fixate
your feet on the ground
She's already too used to that horrible
heartbreaking sound
Girl you are all by yourself
take a good look around
They don't care if you're hurt
or bleeding your way out
You can keep screaming,
you can even shout
They are never coming back
that is a wound for you to heal
and now you are thinking that
the shining knight is actually not a big deal
Lover girl got herself locked in
the dungeons and we threw away the key
You brought this on yourself,
you know that, right honey ?
Make believe is not the right adress
for you to be living in
there are no heroes in this land anymore,
where the hell have you been ?
Lil' Missy has to kick those fantasies away
or it's a sure thing that you won't make it
through another day
We will let you out as soon as you get better
We do worry and care about you
therefore we are writing this letter
Swear that you will start using your brain
Promise that you'll turn into life lessons
all that previous pain
Oh this girl will drive all of us insane
and she deserved better, what a shame
Are you really going to wait around
for some Prince's last name ?
Then you'll rot in that prison of
fading dreams that you have built
Consumed by those unperformed fantasies
and postponed happily ever after
You are only fooling yourself, that way
you will never get over this dark chapter


quinta-feira, 10 de novembro de 2016

Act II

Brick by brick we are tearing this shit down
Save your asses and bring the crown
Take the dust out and let's make some noise
Come on everybody let me hear you raise your voice
It's dark, Oh so dark in here
Mirrored my fear
Look at you, nothing more than a smear
You ought to get your ass up dear
Nah nah you're in denial that can't be
Eyes wide open and still you couldn't see
How could that even be a possibility
Bury that hope, better leave it in the past
Get the hell out of here and do it fast
You're a big girl and those do not get to cry
You're more than ready to kiss those fantasies goodbye
The monsters under your bed are too big to hide
The skeletons are out of the closet, along with your broken pride
Where's your smile, love? Is it gone ?
Can you feel your legs ? Can you move on ?
Nahhh I'm too stoned to try that
But I can try to take a bunny out of my hat
That's always a crowd pleaser, let's risk
Ohhh it's fucking foggy in here, a mist
I'm falling into the nothing, the nowhere
I'm tired of pretending, acting like I don't care ...
Well don't worry, I'm getting there
Fuck the world, and fuck what they think
This is a boat already doomed to sink
Looking like a zombie again, come on blink
Can't hear shit of what they are saying
Can't figure out what the hell they are playing
Messing around with others feelings, a prank
The mind crashes, it draws blank
Lost your way during this fucked up stunt
Let's blow the candle, let's extinguish the flame
I'll walk away, the walk of shame
Well it happens sometimes, to the best of us
I'm not being dramatic, nor trying to start a fuss
And get them the prize, they were right
I was fooled again, I just can't win this fight ...
Okay world I got it, Now what do I have to do ?
To be less than what I am and be more like you
We keep on faking, kept in an uptight rerun
We destroyed it, what have we done ?
Have you won ?
'Cause I don't know what to feel ...
And the wound, will it heal ?
The devil smiled and I took the deal
It's too late to go back now
Even if I knew how
Which I don't, Oh I'm lost
Would you spare me this one, I payed a high cost
I risked the last shred that was mine to keep
Mistaken, apparently it was yours to rip
And on this puppet show I'm supposed to act nice
Once again I claim that it's a high price
You are wasting each shot
Wake up you are in shock
It's not slowing down, this damn clock
Wrong story, wrong plot
Better get on track
Bring that old soldier back ...


Green Velvet & lace

quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2016

Act I

Hey it's me, new material on the line
Ohhh I'm hanging on just fine ...
You schhhhh ! I can't hear myself thinking
Oh I look dead, better start blinking
Aww shit this aint happening, this ought to be a joke
Nurse come quick, I'm about to have a stroke
Great shit, quality speech
I need to sew this again, stitch by stitch
Oh I hate humans, dreadful kind
Can't wrap my mind
about what y'all want, do you even feel ?
Oh dear ... God is no longer on the wheel
He gave up on you and all your choices
Ohh my head and those weird noises ...
Quiet down, stand back
Is that all you've got life ? You're wack !
Bring it on bitch, I aint done yet
I can take much more, do you want to bet ?
Welcome to the dark deep realm, a curse
Round 2, I'm still standing, I've taken worse
Rubbish, garbage, that's all they say
I wave and smile back, like fuck you and have a nice day
I've written loads of shit but nothing like that
I mean ... talking about a stab in the back
Ohhh the fairytale dear, that shit aint your style
Now pose for the picture and just smile
Fragile masks fall one by one
A round of applause, we had a lot of fun
Ohhh come on, just load the gun
End this shit, blow this joint
We've got to this point
Let's go for the truth
Let's rip it from the root
Blow it up, up in smoke, up in smoke
So much poison, stuck in your troat
But you can hold it in, no revenge this time
A premiere follows, we'll let it slide, the dirty crime
Burn each bridge, burn each door
Never shall we return to what we were before
We're shutting it down
End this circus, kill each clown
I hate charades, and false portraits, I simply do
I dread every single heartbeat that proves you aint true
What a sad world, color it blue
All this drama, nothing new
Why would I ever help you ?
This solitude is smothering me
It was taken for a while, all that I could be
But I'm back, do not fear
And nothing will take me away from here
I was out of focus, got out of line
Man I would blow this joint up, it's a right of mine
Set the rain on fire, let the sin be washed away
Oh I'm great can't you tell ? Surviving to another day
Oh but let's be friends
Maybe hold hands
Never a dream felt this good
Cinderella is on a mood
I'll call truces fate
Let's not deviate
We're off the course
There's no knight, no horse
We're walking barely hanging
But come on you'll be the last one standing
Are we clear ? Are we understanding ?
Empty reflexions, no clean sight
A damn mess, a bloody fight
But it's fine I'm alright ...
I'm backing away from the light
Vain portraits, advertisements of who they wish to be
While I got to be fine with the real me
Blank sheet and all you can write
Welcome to the fright night
Innocent little lambs sliding down to the slaughterhouse
Ohhh the cat fooled you well, you thought you stood a chance little mouse ...


segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2016

The life of a (now angry) stoner

I keep changing and
rearranging this world of mine
I figured that since I've got the time
I do not want to stop creating, never
I want this to live forever
I desire to become immortal
It was a pleasure being high
next to all of you
I always tried my best,
that was all I could do
Flat line once they got away
Never deserved the chance
to ask you to stay
Well go on now, thank you
for this unpleasant walk of shame
it will certainly make me
raise my game

Why are you following trends,
is that the best you can be ?
Copying every shit that you see
How can you know better about
what's like to be me ?
Yes try it, seriously
Punch on your face
Come on friend
enlight me all about your new trend
They are taking their clothes off
putting on a hell of a show
Yes their boobs grow
but apparently the brain doesn't though
They talk trash about each other
watching each others burn
Love whatever you're going through
it's not the whole world's concern
She raised hell,
people love to kiss and tell
Spitting out your secrets along
with their guts
It's not okay to be different
but they're completly nuts
Stick your labels up where the
sun doesn't shine
Man you risked it, you crossed
a very thin line
I have DOC's orders to follow
you are a hazard to me since you
got so hollow
so vain, so damn shallow
So as long as I'm here
you'll drain me dear
it's best for you to disappear
I haven't seen shit, heard shit
So I can't say shit anyway
Go on then, fuck off, and
have a nice day ...



sexta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2016

Going, and gone ...

I'm waving darling,
I'm going
Love, I'm gone
let's back off, let's retreat
I need some room,
let me breathe
I don't know what I want, let along
what I need
Dear, let's just leave ...
We were shaking, but we got to be free
Blinded by what was missing
we couldn't see
That I had you and you had me ...

The ghosts are back,
we hid for too long
Got torn apart,
we played it wrong
and man it hit us strong
Different ways, we should've known
it wouldn't last
Once again we collide, left to pick up
what's left from the blast
You call it dark
I prefer art
Don't you think that I would
rather go your away
to simply be able to say
You want it,
well fuck it, let's go
But you know
I know
that it's time to kill this show ...
It doesn't matter, never did
let's proceed
Don't smile, just don't
Can't let go, I will be kissing
my sanity goodbye I guess
Well I wanted the world,
couldn't settle for less
Now  go on and test fate
twist your destiny
Go ahead and dream about
being free
Feeling tied up, chained down
They watch as you slowly drown
Shredded soul, silent heartbeat
and if your faith is gone
how will you take the leap ?
So lost, no longer know what I seek
it's going to take a while better sit
Addicted to the pain 'till it makes you sick
Take my hand this is it
We will tear it all down brick by brick
At last you smile, and my heart skips a beat
Oh I know, you know
but from here where do we go ?


quinta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2016

My turn ...

I guess the time is up
There's a war coming
soldier you better duck
No truce love, I just don't
give a fuck
My shot to take
My heart to break
So for your own sake
avoid this silly mistake
I'm true to the core, little snake
I do not fake
I do not lie my way through
that's what sets us apart
huge gap between me and you
I don't step on another in order to win
But I'm no saint dear
I do enjoy to sin
Maybe a little too much
embracing such rush
Overwhelmed by that raw crush
So even through this whole mess
I guess ...

It's my turn
to watch it all burn
Up in flames, right down
to the ground
I can almost feel the blood all around
You're lame
and next to me ...
You have no game
Warning shot
Came to front ? Better not
Don't be silly who the fuck forgot ?
You tied it around your own neck
that tight knot
Step back
before I snap
Someone's gonna get hurt
I do not fear pain
I already tasted the dirt
spitted it right out of my mouth,
clawed out of the pit
Lost my mind, got sick
Put up with a surreal amount of shit
Came out alive, smiling
While you ?
God, you're not even trying
We've been fighting
struggling with it
Fixing the irreparable
'till the point it gets unbearable
We tried, we gave it a go
But truth is, we can't let go ...

All the darkness I got
familiar with
Haunt me from time to time,
it's worst at night
You know what I'm talking about love,
am I right ?
We withered, part of us died
and man, how we cried
So don't expect it to come easy
it's not supposed to be light
and yes, you'll have to fight
Dementia is only a path, possible to cross
That story, that now I grab and toss
to wherever suits me best
Darling who told you that the wicked
get to rest ?
Oh yeah I'm going to hell
I already know that story too well
Cold bitch, that shows no emotion
but that's merely your notion
I come with the poison and the antidote potion
Don't worry, we'll be alright
'cause darkness has it's own special
kind of light ...


quarta-feira, 2 de novembro de 2016

Whatever it takes, I'll be me ...

At the time she just wanted
to be loved
To be rescued from
that darkness inside
Too much turbulence on the ride
too much of a man to swallow
his pride
too selfish to stick by your side
Then the clock stood still
she was incapable to feel
anything but cold
Broken hearted they say
Still I see it as a brand new day
Following a different way
Now our time ran out
We are left with the permanent doubt
How could it have been ?
How could it turn out to be ?
Left with a huge wall between
you and me ...

They keep hoping ; I don't
even pray no more
I'm done being love's little bitch,
a silly emotion's whore
Harsh right ?
But I've been here before
I've already fought this fight
But how can you show the truth
to whom lives a perfect lie ?
How can you expect them to win
if they are too much of cowards to try
You gave them wings
but they are afraid to fly
You were their inspiration
their addictive kind of special frustration
and damn it I wouldn't rewrite it for the world ...
I would still follow this script
word by word
All this weight on my shoulders
got me this far
I'm fine with the Devil in my reflex,
we are who we are
Don't deny it, nor repress it
You'll feel so much better after confessing it
I get to strike you as sick in the head
Bonkers love, completly mad
Still you can't lie, the best you ever had
Keep him on his toes
Dreading how it goes
I'm a motherfuckin' beast
Temptation's sweetest feast
to say the least
Permanent fog, thick mist
Never superficial, I dig deep
You never know how it might end
Trick or treat?


terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016

Witch's prayers

You're gone again
But then again
You were never here to begin
with, right ?
I regret to say that it's all dark
can't see any light
And we are at the end
am I right friend ?
I don't think you can hear me
let along understand
Mr. Pan will always prefer
to be lost in neverland ...
You want a perfect happy ending
I got your happy ending right here
And now you refuse it dear ...
What's that I see ? Fear ?
You want it all and you can't wait
One day it will be too late
to fix such mistake
Once you open hell's gate
you sealed your wretched fate
No victims here, no casualties
of war
We became the monsters
we hunted before
It's never enough, you always
want more
And you rip, you take, leaving it
hollow right down to the core
It comes back, it always will
You signed it, the damned deal
It's like a spell, you feel it too
Attached to strings, mere puppets
There's nothing you can do
And behind the mask lies
everything we hold as true

Light the match, watch me burn
feed the fire
I'll whisper a curse to your name
while the flames reach higher
Yes light the Witch up
bow down to the liar
Your knees against the cold dirt
You Sir by allowing this game to continue will
end up hurt
Not a threat, it's a vow
I'll drag you to hell, already know how
I'll be lurking in the shadows, and I shall
make my move when you least expect
with so much to lose why do you bet ?
You seem to forget
But I'll remind you, but not yet
I propose you to end this charade
while there's still time
Otherwise revenge will be rightfully mine
You see I'm no saint, far from that
still a stab in the back ?
That's a daring play
you are brave I must say
Never thought I would see the day
when someone would boldly
snatch away
everything I fought for 'till today
Oh you better pray
might be useless but if it allows you
to lay
your head down and sleep through the night
If you do really believe it's pointless
to fight
If you can no longer set right
apart from wrong
then you are exactly where you belong
I'll add dirt to your grave
You know me, I have no clue how to behave
As you putted, emotion's slave
Wasn't I ?
And then saddly as all things innocence
had to die
Instead of struggling I allowed it to take over
and the voices said we are closer
it's almost over ...


sábado, 29 de outubro de 2016


Under fate's radar
Submissive to destiny's thumb
So much pain that you actually go numb
So much chasing, now it's me
who runs away
Now I'm the one who can't stay
Those demons laugh once I dare to pray
They are waiting for the D-day
When all those walls come crumbling down
They want to get their dirty hands
all over my crown
Their wicked smile is on every nightmare
Every time I close my eyes
Waiting for the day when every dream dies
That seduction that compels you to the dark
it tempts even the strongest heart
It wears you out 'till it tears you apart
The chaos runs through it's own kind of art

We are mirrored, the worst and the best
Karma's deranged test
It got me on my knees
'Cause I couldn't take much more
So I beg of you, stop please ...
No gain can come out of this tease
Death's poisonous kiss
Destructive, only to rise again,
coming back for more
but you know you won't win
same as before
Why do you keep kicking a nail shut door ?
Walked all over you while lying on the floor
Kept that flame burning in a damaged core
Bruised up, aiming from too far
Hiding behind a smile,
every battle scar
but you can't hide who you are ...


sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2016


Yes I guess another one
bites the dust
We are all victims of that raw
cruel lust
indeed sir you are playing a
dangerous game
Word on the street is that I'm the
one to blame
Don't you dare to throw a fit at me
you already know how poisonous
this can turn out to be
Let's not measure strength
Rehab is playing on the radio,
we do dare to sing along
We dare to think what the hell
could go wrong ?
Up in smoke , buried in the ashtray
You're scared, but so are they
Maybe in another lifetime
after we learned it all
Maybe I'll be able to pick you up
after you fall ...

You wanted me gone
so that you would move on
then why are you still here ?
Why are you stuck dear ?
Though always under the weather
You know that there's no one that would love you better
Still, loving you means being torn to pieces on the floor
like the guts being ripped out
and always coming back for more
that feeling would make you
forget who you are
an eternal and nasty war
losing who you are,
the entire being
So eager and not seeing
Girl you are bleeding ...

Your devious second thoughts
are taking you nowhere
I'm to blame, tell that to my face !
Damn right it's a dare !
They fear me when all I wanted was respect
You were supposed to have my back
Go ahead and sleep on that ...



quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2016

Nothing nice to say

Teach me how to pray
lead the way
Preach, what do you have to say ?
Washing the sins off their hands
killing in anothers name
there are souls in game
10 commandments, but you've gone bad
Society's fault you say, 'cause we are all mad !

We made them like that
we patted their back
The pricks, the assholes
of this world
Solemnly believe that they have
the last word
They taught us don't trust the strangers
Keep your hands off that candy
But a heads up about those closer to us
would've come handy

I'm nuts, yes true
Not perfect, nothing like you
But why do you care
about what they say ?
You'll keep judging me anyway
So just fuck off, and have a nice day

Once again drifting from the
comfort zone
Driving fast towards the unknown
We are so dumb
in a world so numb
And again
I did hold my breath
I suppressed such wrath
Oh we are all mad in here alright
Nasty war, ugly fight
getting critical
you're cynical

We are who we are
always under the circumstances
Going back to the same old same old
be quiet please, remember that
your silence is gold
When you have nothing nice to say
Smile and politely go on your merry way ...


segunda-feira, 24 de outubro de 2016

Let's just watch the rain wash it all away ...

So this is who you are
I'm disapointed
Let's say I'm not impressed
Cute smile, well dressed
Tell me more
haven't we been here before ?
Same story, same path
I remember the love, lust and then wrath
So this is who you are now
I see that you got here but how ?
What happened ? What the hell went wrong ?
It's the same chorus, same song
Same road, same highway to hell
and we know it too well
So this is who you are now, right ?
What happened to the "We will always fight" 
Wasn't it 'till the end
my friend ?
Well pour me one more
before I shut this door
This story they tell,
the real deal
a straight fact
Well don't tell my momma
that I fell for that ...

How do I get out ?
How do I get away ?
I'm done love,
nothing left to say
We tried, we did
Who knew that such old wounds
would still bleed
All I asked was honesty
in return I gave all of me
I'm sinking the sorrows in
an already full ashtray
I guess I'm just sad
No, not even mad
Bored as hell, I was hoping
for a far more interesting ending
Not just some more of this bullshit
where you keep pretending
that you are okay, a normal human being
truth is you're fucked up in the head
and once you hear me singing
Echoing in your brain preaching
to your pain
Maybe, maybe
you would wake up
but that's a huge maybe
can't be bothered to give a fuck !


sábado, 1 de outubro de 2016

Thy love to sin

Forgive them father
for do thy love to sin
Fucking it all up in your name,
don't know how long it has been
All the profit, all the hands that wash away
guit and blame everyday
Oh but we do pray ...

And then I'll scream
What do you want from me ?
Does it hurt as much as it hurts me ?
Tell me baby
because truthfully
I don't care
I've done that, I was there
Now I'm here to say
Fuck you !
Fuck this shit
Crush this beat
I'm out
Don't care 'bout you anymore
in case you had any doubt
You know what they say
it's no longer worth it anyway

Tell me about how much you need me
it's a lie
Name all the stars after me,
promise me the sky
You can't escape it, it's time
to say goodbye
Tell me 'bout how much you want me,
clean up after your mess
There's no love left, you can kiss my ass
goodbye ...
Tell me 'bout how you miss me
about how amazing this can still be
Avoid the facts as much as you want dearie
I'm gone, evaporated
all of it, has finally faded
There's no encore on this song
no matter how much you feel it's right,
it's still wrong
but still say it, tell me how much
Addicted to that rush
So over that crush
Out of your league, I see it now
But I'll tell you this much
I don't even know how
You can always tell me, preach away
it's never gonna be good enough
of a reason to stay ...


domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Sold the soul

Who the fuck do you take me for?
Not love's bitch, no passion's whore
Bad seed down to the core
I've seen this going down before
Big bad wolf 'bout to blow the door
I'll end this show, just like before
I'm the real player,
the puppet master
Don't you go and think I feel shit,
what a disaster
Could you run any faster?
I'm just too much, but don't be afraid dear
Promise not to bite, come over here
Check mate,
before it's too late
Don't even blink mate
there's a lot at stake
Ate your king, shot the queen
I can be really good
when being mean
I know these sick games too well
You forgot who introduced me to
this special kind of hell
There's no way back,
no return
But still, it looks like
we are having fun

Save that speech,
save your breath
Real safe as I did to my wrath
I told you, we forgive
but we never forget
and you're not there, not yet
that bump on the road,
that regret
it's all set
We tried to fool fate
buried the heart in that deep hole
We erased it, sold the soul

Don't you want to grow up
and be just like me ?
Scrambled brain, completly crazy
Gone baby
The voices stayed, I'm not that lonely
Haunted by those ghosts
that will never leave
Do you want a new life to live?
Do you still remember how to breathe?
I forgot, do we forgive?
He said,
That I'm sick in the head
I made my own bed
Time to go to sleep now
You know damn well
that you'll be alright ...


Harley Quinn

Gotham's Prince of Crime

sexta-feira, 22 de julho de 2016

Glad I'm not you

So you're having a bad day
and you do believe that
that makes it okay
to treat others like shit
'cause you feel like the next big hit
you want to teach me ?
let me enlight a thing or two
you are trash lady, so fuck you !
So sick of those that think they know it all
You are so high over there it's a bigger fall
No class just bitchin' your way through
and that's the humongous
difference between me and you !
That's a good thing in case you have
any doubt
Come on now I hear you perfectly
no need to shout

Ohhh society
So lovely
So concerned with their egos to actually see
how silly
you end up to be
So arrogant and self centered
stuck up
Careful now you might run
out of luck
You don't knw who I am
So don't even assume you do
I'm smiling yes
'cause I'm glad I'm not you !

Respect comes and goes
one way street doesn't work
Do you know where you can
stick that smerk ?
You are frustrated
You feel that you've been underrated
And this whole persona that you created
it's just too nasty
for your own sake
You're the type that buries
the head in deep shit 'till it's too late
There's s much at stake
You're a fake
something they demanded
you gladly followed the script
So now it's at me you're throwing a fit
Well tough luck that's just shit !


quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016

Never fail to impress

First things first, once upon a time
we pretended to know what love is,
an ugly crime ...
Oh we were happy baby
and so naive
a bunch of lost boys
playing make believe
Gee King, I think I just saw a zebra ;
that cocaine
Yes Doc. it's time to suppress the pain
We don't want to remember, we do want
to forget
You can't tell it apart, life lesson or regret ?
Still know what you like
and out of spite
You never fail to impress
hooked on the thrill, do confess ...

Always able to teach a thing or two
tell them how we do
it, this and that
I've got your back
the applause after each track
legendary's first fact
then they come to take
what you've got, once you blink
it's already too late

Damn woman it doesn't take all that
You want him that bad, you can have him
no need for a knife in my back
Aces love, you can have that Jack
I do love these rollercoasters
thanks for the ride
You can have him I'll stick
to my pride
The freak doesn't walk on a leash
so save us the speech bitch !
Why would I want any of this,
there's no loyalty
and you should already know that ain't me!
I hope you're happy  'cause
there are no refunds here
You got what you wished for my dear
Not happy ? Well tough luck
'cause we, the crazy ones, don't give a fuck
Oh what now ? You're sorry ?
Please tell me more, that sounds
like a hell of a story
The washed up fifteen minutes
of pure glory
I won't stretch a finger, let along the whole hand
Copy that ? Is your small brain able to understand ?
We are done, through
there's no us, just sad little old you
Your choices, therefore
nothing I can do ...


quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016

Wrong side of the gun

The weakness, the fragility
Is taking the best of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
The majority of my sanity
Was left behind ...
Alice got trapped in a paralel world
Foolish enough to trust anothers word
It was kindness not stupidity
Yes you are most certainly
Confusing me,
Can't face the reflexion but so fit
to judge another
So sorry God but he's not my brother
That other one is actually kind of my
sworn enemy
So hell no! Not related to me
not admiting that you are fucked up in the head
not facing those monsters under the bed
Drives me absolutly mad
So grow a pair
Call it challenge, call it dare
Just do it and better make it fast
I don't know how long my patience will last

You laughed loudly, you had fun
Not so happy now while on the
wrong side of the gun
You loaded up by spitting in the air
acting too tough to care
Stroke by lightning, you didn't believe
it would strike twice
Karma rarely plays nice
Now wash it down
let's forget
not a single memory left
same goes for regret
No more smerks; mere mortal
and a really high horse
a harder fall of course
We are the same
then why pointing fingers
and dissecting whose to blame ?
Both got burnt by the same
kind of flame
We both played the game
We hurt 'cause we are too afraid
We drown in the mess we made
I'm not like those other girls
and you're not like those other guys
The ones we feed ourselves with
are the prettiest lies ...
We could never get past
those first goodbyes


terça-feira, 19 de julho de 2016

Went cold turkey on love ...

There's that moment,
that glitch
No feelings anymore, and I'm sorry
if I strike you as a cold hearted bitch
but now it feels like there's nothing left to do
I hardly think about you ...
I know it hurts more when it's true
I went through the grieving  process
twice in a row
Got stuck with nowhere else to go
the walls kept moving and whispering about you
A constant battle
What will I do?
Cold sweats, high fever
Everything was constantly foggy
nothing would come clearer
and those demons told me come nearer
Oh darling
you cry your eyes out, waiting, always a believer
that you were worth it all,
each painful fall
it's easier than to admit
that it was never good enough of a reason
to stay at the bottom of the pit
You ran so quick
How could it be ?
Is this it ?
The great love ? The legendary story
we fought for
and then all of a sudden
You don't feel it anymore
You gladly smile 'cause it's over, it's done
still of course we did have fun
You, who thought of revenge,
discovered something way better ...

Not caring, and showing it with nothing to lose
Me not putting up with the drama, 'cause loving you
is no longer an excuse
It finally healed each bruise, disappeared
The long due outcome, was finally revealed
I just don't give a fuck
like I used to
Yes don't worry it's me not you
I love the clichés too
Don't really care if the truth hurts your feelings,
no not anymore
yes we need to outgrow what we had before
Don't start crying, such a bore
I'm sorry if my world doesn't revolve
around you
But what did you expect me to do ?
Sit tight, waiting for you to throw a bone ?
Once you realize that sadly you got left alone
No thanks, I've got places to go, people to see
You keep on wondering about me
I'm over that homie ...


domingo, 17 de julho de 2016

Crooked piece

You're going far kid
remember I told you so
Watch me as I go
Tick tack
Bound to blow
an amazing show
A monster inside a tiny body
A legend, more than a story
There's no stopping it now
You don't even know how
Forever stuck in your brain
You can never forget the name
Forever branded, that wicked flame
That special, that crazy
undoubtedly your favorite lady

Those voices are what makes me unique
those words that accompany
my heartbeat
Still going strong
much more to show
I'll prove you wrong
so much to give,
When you think I've already
lasted too long;
those who believed, those who
were there, have a seat at the table
For the rest of you I might not have the time
I may not be able
I don't fit, I'm a crooked piece
and that my dear
is pure bliss
I do not belong
But why is that wrong ?

I'm still learning everyday,
it may not be in the easiest way
My heart has been broken too
lay your head down,
I was hurt too
That burnt portrait,
that crushed soul
that emptiness
creating this deep hole
I waited for you to come back
and time sets the worst trap
We can't go back there
It died a long time ago
We do have to learn how to let go
I ought to start to say no
It's way back there, gone
Let's just move on,
rip that page out
Burn it so there's no doubt
let's wave goodbye
while the smoke fades
into the sky

Buried that dream in the ashtray
last night
only one of us knew how to fight


domingo, 10 de julho de 2016

Page 2

Dead Zone Intro

Welcome to the dead zone
poetically, painful
Throw that dog a bone
Scrambled brain
pitch black
If it's gone already
how can you expect it back?
Regrets? Naaa
Remorses or such?
Nope, nothing much
Got along with the monsters
Made peace with the demons
long time ago
but judging by your smile
that you already know ,
Well, what else is new
the sky is still blue
they still fight over the same shit
that kind of mentality still
makes me sick
Can no longer pretend,
put on a smile
endure it for a little while
just wave as they walk by
and sometimes I do try
so hard it almost makes me cry
never lasts long, and then I'll need to get high
and kiss this sad reality goodbye

You try to forget
it's easier, yes you can fucking bet on that
to just simply let go
You said it yourself
it was a hell of a show
but that's not love, hell no !
Faith locked up in the tower,
spread the wings, be free
it's a fact, you can live happily
Crossroad, what the heck
am I gonna do?
For a change let's choose myself over you
What a mess, are they actually right?
This tunel is too long, and where's the damn light?
But smoke it up, smoke the pain away
Tomorrow will be a brand new day
We're very glad to be here
Good news folks, we made it
High price, but we payed it
a lot of sweat, burying dreams around
but never with my feet on the ground
Hush now darling, make no sound
We made it this far
Look at where we are !

When it comes to you bitch
you owe me a thank you and an apology
just that, don't pretend you're actually sorry,
To you ... well ...
what the hell
I'm just gonna come clean,
and I'm sorry if it sounds mean
it would've never worked
it could never be
You know ... this you and me
but thanks, it was fun
learned a lot
still, love me not
He was right, different games,
different league
But yes we dream big
and then we dig
searching for a shred of
an emotion to feel
something that is real
willing to strike a deal
with the devil himself,
you kneel
you crawl, and once you realize it,
it might be too late
'cause by then another lost soul
bit the baite
anothers heart is now at stake
so you sketch a portrait, entirely fake
fight hard to save a love
unexisting from the start
Merely based on a quick
Ladies and gentlemen, that's art
A rare talent, the one of deceive
playing make believe
fooling the heart
but it only lasts a little while
Go ahead, and just smile ...


sábado, 9 de julho de 2016

Tiquesa's Debut


Once upon a time there was a cute baby cat on the streets, 
all alone and then he found a home,
 a family and my magic slippers xD

Welcome to Tico's Corner aka Tiquesa the little Lucifer ... 
Starring in ... The life of a cat xDDD

Munchies Kicking in !