sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2016

Revenge's Trendsetter

They say revenge is a cold dish,
I usually serve it like a salad, on the side
I'm also that kind of girl who hardly
will swallow her pride
I was young and innocent once upon a time
Until the day that my true love commited that
dreadful crime
I remember it like it was yesterday
I never imagined he would run away
He got me believing he would have my
back through whatever
Yes I know, I should've known better
Thank God nowadays I'm much more clever
Vinita, revenge's trendsetter
She's got my back, she takes care of me
She taught me that the worst blind is the one
who doesn't want to see
She keeps her head cool, plots away her plan
I'm trully her biggest fan
There's no use in telling her No, she will fight to get
what's hers by right, do you care to bet?
She's strong by nature, a killer in those rhymes
She's the hope that there will be better times
She hardly gives second chances so becareful where you step in
You have no idea in which kind of hell she has already been
A true lady in the street, and you can only start to imagine the rest
There's no doubt about it, she is the best
You better study hard if you want to pass the test
She cares about us not worrying about the rest !
Swore fidelity to the true Queen of this nest
Her loyalty is something we can never contest
Wicked but wise
A true hero behind that madam disguise
She is something else, a true first prize!


sexta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2016

That Bad Ass Romance Novel Kind of Shit ...

We kept that chitchat
going on
That ambition kept
We had no clue where
we were going ...
End up not knowing
how heavy this cross
was to bear
Nobody said it was easy,
let along fair
Yes mark my name, I've done
that, been there
So today fuck it,
I just don't care

We would smoke 'till
we burn the fingers
Artists, lovers, singers
Playing the same song
'till the strings break
The fingers bleed
Desiring everything but
what we trully need
God knows why we
wont let go ...
You know ...
It must go on
we don't kill the show
It gets hard to breathe most
of the times
Redemption is due to these rhymes
Batshit crazy, yes Dear I know
Maybe you should go!
They're asking for an encore
You certainly look like
you want some more
And we both know real life
is such a bore ...
We found paradise on our
way to heaven
oh how we fly
so high ...
And I can see the glimpse in
the eye
Still, I'm not gonna lie
I do think it's time for goodbye ...

That's when we get back
to the same path
tell me what were the odds
'cause I've never been too good on math
As a matter of fact
look how it goes once
I bet
Fate tests it, pushes it
to the limit
Try it
how much more of this shit
can you take before you flip?
The captain will go down
with his ship
Kings will continue
to rule sheep
The sun will shine,
The moon will follow
hearts will remain
Yes, it will all be the same
indeed such a shame ...