domingo, 28 de fevereiro de 2016

My religion

I do believe the sky is falling
Those who've been battling
next to me all along
The ones that know the words
of each song
Are the same ones I'll sit at that table,
raise your glass
I want to thank you for putting up
with my crazy ass
For not abandoning the ship
And I know that this has been some rough
messed up shit !
but here we are
always ready for war
we keep on stomping this bitch
Sure as hell that we are going to get far !
Light up that sky,
we're making it man !
Never ceasing to try
and I'm fast with the pen !

This is my religion
My conviction
My art
in these pages you can see my heart
The soul shivers
the fear dies
time is running out
let's not waste it with lies
fake promises
and distasteful goodbyes ;
those sour tears that she cries
will dry one day
those harsh lullabies
will fade away
You can't clip the wings of a dream,
but you can try
I'll keep on fighting, till the damn
day that I die
I'll stay classy while proving
you all wrong
I'll smile once you finally
sing my song
I won't judge you, you
just didn't know
how far I'm actually willing to go
Welcome to my poetic hardcore show
I guess that even Peter Pan has to grow
The world is cruel, it's a complicated place
And I'm still struggling to figure out
the human race
Not quite ready to quit
I'll keep trying to sort it out
While I'm the owner of this heartbeat ...

He asks if I'm still getting high
Look me in the eyes
'Cause they'll not lie ...



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