domingo, 13 de março de 2016

The masses

I'm kickin' the fuckin' bucket
'cause I don't care !
Say it to my face gutless bastard,
Oh if only you would dare !
I bet you're just like me
Takin' shit from the worst
kind of person there can be
but you see
A nice suit and a tie
Won't make me accept your lie
You think you are better than me
Go ahead I would love to see you try
Reach for the sky
and fall hard after climbing too high
Kissing their asses
Pleasing the masses
You're all crawling around
worshiping the damn ground
That the low-life he is
steps on everyday
Yeah come at me, I would love to
see you coming my way

Don't ever compare myself to you
Prick you don't know half of what I've
been through
But here's what I'll do
I'll teach you a thing or two
Snitches end up bad,
rats drive me mad
Who are you cunt?
Who are you bitch?
Please, won't you please
spare us from that practiced speech
You're afraid, but not of me
I get it honey,
'cause you haven't seen how
batshit crazy
one can be
I'll save you the front row seat
You sad, sad piece of shit
From now on no more
nice lady
'Cause I'm done with you all baby
Kindness aint weakness
you dumbass
Now watch me stir up this mess !

Beware! Be done with it !
And shut your pie hole
you are making me sick
Where do you think you are
going once at the bottom of the pit ?
Burn dear burn , taste the blood, raw meat
You can't buy respect
you should know that by now
You do want to earn it,
but have no clue how
You take and you take
not knowing what to give
Preaching about the truth
but stuck in deceive !
Your circus just got caught on fire
do beg, little liar !
Step on another, only
to reach higher !
Dig up your own grave
mouth full of warms, cold dirt !
You got what you deserve jerk !
Insanity rules indeed as the sweetest perk
I'm not naive I just prefer not to be mean
But I still know how to be the worst you've ever seen ...


sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

The world's turns

They say it's always like this
that bliss
The thrill of the first kiss
I was so high on your love
Drunk in that passion
and in a second
in that time's fraction
all colapsed, it turned to dust, the sin
burnt the skin
Got stuck with the lust
Wounds that take too long to heal
Scars that won't let me feel
Caught up on make believe
disconnected from everything
that is real
and begging, before the skies
you kneel
But it's a prayer that no one will attend
For so indeed it is the end my friend
Stranded on someone else's life
Too high of a price
to pay
You say
it's too much to ask
You can't stay

And if the world,
if the world keeps turning
that means the sky is still blue
and I'll be here waiting
giving my prayers to you
Giving my prayers away, for you
Moving mountains it's not always enough
and we bleed 'cause it's rough
it burns 'till it's only ashes
of a memory
as distant as the beggining of
our history
meaningless all this war
But we keep crawling back
for more

You tasted it, kept it as a souvenir
left behind, curled up in fear
You wonder if it was worth all the pain
all the chaos endured in your name
gambled too high on a rigged game
Licked too eager that bright devil's flame
wild souls and a broken tame
Fate's walk of shame
Now letting go
allowing the long due goodbye


quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Feeding these lines

No bad blood dear,
Wrong time, wrong place
of course I was here
where else to feed these lines ?
'till the end of times
There's never a blank page
They never love you enough
to calm down that rage
inevitably the monster breaks free
Happily ever after can no longer be
I'm sorry ...
It's just not your kind of story
will it wither and die ?
for each love are you willing to cry?
To which are you ready to say goodbye ?
Can't bear the thought
but don't want to forget
Not ready to leave just yet
Still got room for one more regret
One night, one day,
one week
Tell me that you love me
The legs go weak
Months go by, you swear that you'll
take care of me
A hell of a story, can this be?
'Till I lost the shoe, you made me
walk barefoot
This thing started rotting
right to the root
One more chapter of a never
ending book
I told you before , Beauty
and the crook

Whiskey in that cup
pearls on the neck
Not by far your safest bet
A total trainwreck ...
You walked out on me
So why
Should I
be the one to look back?
I realized I didn't know that you
got lost in the track
Baby we tried, it was just not enough
Dear we gave it a go just didn't thought
it would be this tough
Man we loved, but they went
straight for the heart ...
Broken into pieces
They torn us apart ...


quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2016

Stained pretty dress

Don't know how to make it
Don't know what's happening to me
let along with you
I'm stuck, it seems that I can't
get out
No voice, but still there's a
will to shout
I'm done with you all,
the so called society
I lack the so much needed integrity
I'm lost, I know why would
you care ?
You know what they say it's never
easy, rarely fair
You start to believe them,
maybe you are going nowhere
Well at least it's familiar,
I've been there ...

It's all faded, nothing is like before
You're all annoying me,
such a bore !
Tired of this, sick of that, it's too much,
I'm about to crack !
My brain is numb
stupidly enough sometimes I wish
I was just dumb ;
The cliche, the fairy tale
The king as arrived all hail !
He says he can handle
my darkest side
Turn the lights out and  witness
the bastard get off the ride ! ah ah ah
So the trick is no more expectations,
easy as pie
'Cause if you're a human being
you're bound to lie
It will be the same old same old
scratched CD
We heard this before, it's not you it's
most definitely me
Here we go again
million dollar man !
but not worth 2 cents
Sorry but it's just hilarious
too damn funny
we've been there, done that
enough with this crap
Go along, just be happy
Don't look back
Oh love don't worry
'cause she has nothing on me !

What happens once you start to identify
yourself with the villain ?
Not the princess
Once you no longer see yourself
with the tiara and the pretty dress?
My oh my what a mess ...


segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016


They do say talent is all that
But next time darling dress
a little better
You've got a good voice
small tits though
Plastic surgery provides you a choice
Splatter some make up,
a tight dress
'Cause apparently talent is no longer
enough to impress
Hey but can I sing now?
No, not yet 
You're still not the safest 
bet ...
Some high heels,
Can you stand up?
No not really, Oh fuck ! 
And what can we do 
about your hair?
Well to tell the truth 
I don't really care
Never did, I just love the rhymes 
filling in those empty lines
I'm not a doll that you can
change clothing
crazy society got my brain
with this much shit on my face
I'll look like a clown
These heavy shoes are
holding me down
Why would I look like a model
if I never intended to be one ?
What happened to just having fun?
I'm done !
Think about it, 'cause why would you load it
if you won't fire the gun ?!?

Who are you to dictate
what I should love or hate?
What I should wear or feel
confortable in
My oh my ! All of my life
where have you been?
I survived without every shitty advice
What a hell of a surprise
Nevermind about all of this,
Why would I want to be a star?
You're the one unhappy with
who you are
Comparing me to every past's scar
Guess what, I love that girl in
the mirror
it did get much clearer
facing what I feel
not fearing what's real
Fuck it! I'll keep on
being the real deal !


No safety net

I'm tired of running let's
face this shit !
The heart's already used to
being the point of impact
I can take the hit
I do prefer to be a freak
Than just a walking, talking
bag of meat
I'll rather risk it
Lick the flame, taste the heat

Supression of what hurts you
of what broke you apart
No memories of ever
lending you my heart
No recollection of seeing
any spark in your eyes
Therefore never tripped on
your lies
Consequently no need for
those nasty goodbyes
And you supress to the moment
you actually forget
I'm sorry have we met?
Life lesson, hardly a regret
I do love the thrill of jumping
with no safety net
Never the kind of girl
to take the safest bet
Ah Ah clearly I'm not there yet
'Cause I'm not going to lie
I've met more than one nice guy
They took their shot, gave it a try
But apparently they weren't my Mr. Perfect
So I kept on hanging on
To that type, my Mr. Wrong kind of guy

What happens if there's no one around ?
What happens if I sweep your feet
off the ground?
No ! No way ! I don't even want to face that
it's fate's conspiracy
it's gone, it's history
Don't want to relive it
not today, not ever
Yes I'm familiar with
your kind of forever
There's no choice to make
this shit is rigged
How can you call it fate ?
No apologies
this time is too late
Baby this was wrong
before it started
and don't you dare to
leave me here brokenhearted ....


sábado, 5 de março de 2016

Slaying dragons

You don't want to get rescued
you want some company in the pit
Don't want to be alone
burried in that deep shit;
Heavy conscience
dirty mind
Why can't you just
leave it behind?
Me? ! I just don't care
Burn it down, I've tasted
the flames before
Focus ! Get a grip
here's a tip
Get in control
Do not fall again into
that dark hole !

Yes sometimes I get sad
Once in a while you drive
me mad
But that won't knock
me down
I'll always come back
So prepare yourselves
and dust off that crown !

Thank you very much,
but I'll slay my dragons on my own
I'm very well flying solo, all alone !
Don't really feel like waiting,
I don't have the time
and to me wasting it is a crime
Too eager to cross the line
To get what's mine
Sometimes hoping
for a sign
But what you get is
what you see ...
It's just me ...
I'm just simply going
to keep it real
That's the deal;
Yeah you're all pretty
much the same
Word on the street says
money is to blame
but your soul is in game
That's a shame
15 minutes of fame
Shaking it for the dollar bill
it was written, right, it's
God's will

So lost in the plot
This is what've got
I do love comebacks
Lying there awake thanks
to those regrets
Tossing and turning
almost like it's burning
right through the soul
stitched up each hole
No more breaking promises
we'll fight till the end
You got my back
right friend?


sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2016

Operation Shadows

It's cleaning day,
We are taking the trash out
I'm done with you,
in case you still had any doubt
So this is, I hope, the last message
I'm sending to you
But you go dear, do
what you've got to do !
Karma will catch up,
you know that much is true
What goes around always comes back around,
like it or not
And then how will you undo the knot?
The one around your troat
the same that when it comes to the truth
makes you choke
Tight rope;
Once the mask falls down
and they get to see your true face
How are you going to
cope with such disgrace?

Don't go around making
pacts with the Devil, love
Now pray as hard as you can,
but how the hell should I know whose there up above?
Them staring won't be the worst, them talking
won't be the end
Having to face yourself,
struggling to understand
Drowning in a sickening game
of playing pretend
That is rock bottom, here take my joint
you need it more than I do "friend"
Take the bottle as well,
The heck with it, we are already going to hell !
'Cause they will eventually forget it
But not you, oh now you get it
Now you regret it
Now you just try to justify
how for years you lived comfortably in a lie
How you hunt people down
´cause you are selfish to the core
and a cunt, but I told you that before ...

Your needs are above anyone else's,
they're puppets to you
So many new toys, God what will I do?
Plotting, scheming , lying there awake
With no remorse, so now I guess
it's too late
I don't need to be a prophet,
a messiah
I'm just a writer
And I still can tell
'cause I already know your kind
too well
You're no good, not at all
You need to start to admit it, first of all
I've already told you
that even the mighty fall
and you climbed too high
You've built an entire castle on a lie
Stepped on everyone to accomplish each desire
Yes you kept on climbing higher
Operating in the shadows, aproaching the goal
Cold hearted, do you even have a soul?
Now do cry me a river
How can you blame the bullet
if you pulled the trigger?
Oh love and if we're not careful
the hatred gets bigger and bigger
You see? I'm also a sinner
But schhhh 'cause they don't know
what I know
it's best that you just go ...
still yeah, it was damn good show ...


quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Crooked Foundations

You don't ask too much
You just take what they
handle you
figure out what you can actually do
And keep turning around, to the same
old, same old
Damn little girl !
You're bold !
It's a burden, it's a mission
My obvious self completion
Disaster strikes but you always get up
Taking the dust off
Like I don't give a fuck !
You don't choose to live
under their concepts
under their thumbs,
their empty threats ...
You can't hold me down
I fly too high
I'm always ready for the
next goodbye
I'm done being left to cry
I'm not following anymore
I'm leading now, 'cause I've
learned the lesson before

Don't belong in the herd
and that's okay
Claiming that I should be worried
with what they'll say
But who are they?
Nice to meet you, voices in the dark
I'm MK;
Talks on the back, hides the trueself everyday
We don't buy the fairytales these days
Oh but he got you good ...
Yeah he had his ways
You do hope that this time
around will be the best
But then it bends you, puts you
through the test
Now you're almost broken,
drowning in too deep
But there's still a heartbeat
A second chanc, this is it !
We survived once more,
rose from the dirt
Alive even though hurt
And I do see this insanity deal
as a perk
I founded a whole new world
a brand new universe
it became alive through each verse
I've got magic, loyalty and trust
We don't have envy, greed or any
trace of lust
true family
found out that I was my own
The worst kind
that takes the fall
That is so inocent that gets laughed at,
at the mascarade ball
Gives everything expecting
nothing in return
Actually places herself
in front of the gun
'till you realize that stopping bullets
with the heart
it's foolishness although the most beautiful art
I'm still awake, I should be in bed by now
struggling to sleep
although I don't know how ...


quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

Beauty and the Crook

The bottles are empty
but full with stories to tell
We were once so close to heaven
but got too comfy in hell
put out those regrets
in the ashtray
drowned those heartbreaks
There's still whiskey in
the bottle, pour me one more
go on
I do know that soon enough
the image of you will be gone ...

Nowadays it's so easy to replace
what once was such a familiar face
You better learn the game
pick up the pace!
Damn right it's a fuckin' race !
'Cause there's blood in the water
fresh meat
Romeo and Juliet,
easy to predict
A love story gone bad
A supposed princess gone mad
this is all we have
after all we had ...

They make up a rumour or two
And apparently I did this,
it has nothing to do with you
Nothing more than a name
A trophy of this fucked up game
Presenting ... life's walk of shame ...
The hearts were in a cage
the soul kept in a tame

Everything is so easy
to be thrown away
But I'd still miss it
at the end of the day
I remember each note,
each line, each rhyme
foolish enough to actually
invest my time
A love story so close
to be the perfect crime
We sang each chorus
danced around
They got envious, we were
doomed to end up on the ground

Found myself flying so high
A little bit sad but with no more
tears left to cry
I was watching myself
from the outside
I didn't leave, I was right beside
but oh ... How did this happen'?
It was supposed to be epic,
what a proportion  it took
Love I'm gone
I'm off the hook ...
Let's end the sad chapter of
this book
Beauty and the crook ...