segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016


They do say talent is all that
But next time darling dress
a little better
You've got a good voice
small tits though
Plastic surgery provides you a choice
Splatter some make up,
a tight dress
'Cause apparently talent is no longer
enough to impress
Hey but can I sing now?
No, not yet 
You're still not the safest 
bet ...
Some high heels,
Can you stand up?
No not really, Oh fuck ! 
And what can we do 
about your hair?
Well to tell the truth 
I don't really care
Never did, I just love the rhymes 
filling in those empty lines
I'm not a doll that you can
change clothing
crazy society got my brain
with this much shit on my face
I'll look like a clown
These heavy shoes are
holding me down
Why would I look like a model
if I never intended to be one ?
What happened to just having fun?
I'm done !
Think about it, 'cause why would you load it
if you won't fire the gun ?!?

Who are you to dictate
what I should love or hate?
What I should wear or feel
confortable in
My oh my ! All of my life
where have you been?
I survived without every shitty advice
What a hell of a surprise
Nevermind about all of this,
Why would I want to be a star?
You're the one unhappy with
who you are
Comparing me to every past's scar
Guess what, I love that girl in
the mirror
it did get much clearer
facing what I feel
not fearing what's real
Fuck it! I'll keep on
being the real deal !


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