quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

Beauty and the Crook

The bottles are empty
but full with stories to tell
We were once so close to heaven
but got too comfy in hell
put out those regrets
in the ashtray
drowned those heartbreaks
There's still whiskey in
the bottle, pour me one more
go on
I do know that soon enough
the image of you will be gone ...

Nowadays it's so easy to replace
what once was such a familiar face
You better learn the game
pick up the pace!
Damn right it's a fuckin' race !
'Cause there's blood in the water
fresh meat
Romeo and Juliet,
easy to predict
A love story gone bad
A supposed princess gone mad
this is all we have
after all we had ...

They make up a rumour or two
And apparently I did this,
it has nothing to do with you
Nothing more than a name
A trophy of this fucked up game
Presenting ... life's walk of shame ...
The hearts were in a cage
the soul kept in a tame

Everything is so easy
to be thrown away
But I'd still miss it
at the end of the day
I remember each note,
each line, each rhyme
foolish enough to actually
invest my time
A love story so close
to be the perfect crime
We sang each chorus
danced around
They got envious, we were
doomed to end up on the ground

Found myself flying so high
A little bit sad but with no more
tears left to cry
I was watching myself
from the outside
I didn't leave, I was right beside
but oh ... How did this happen'?
It was supposed to be epic,
what a proportion  it took
Love I'm gone
I'm off the hook ...
Let's end the sad chapter of
this book
Beauty and the crook ...


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