quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2016

Crooked Foundations

You don't ask too much
You just take what they
handle you
figure out what you can actually do
And keep turning around, to the same
old, same old
Damn little girl !
You're bold !
It's a burden, it's a mission
My obvious self completion
Disaster strikes but you always get up
Taking the dust off
Like I don't give a fuck !
You don't choose to live
under their concepts
under their thumbs,
their empty threats ...
You can't hold me down
I fly too high
I'm always ready for the
next goodbye
I'm done being left to cry
I'm not following anymore
I'm leading now, 'cause I've
learned the lesson before

Don't belong in the herd
and that's okay
Claiming that I should be worried
with what they'll say
But who are they?
Nice to meet you, voices in the dark
I'm MK;
Talks on the back, hides the trueself everyday
We don't buy the fairytales these days
Oh but he got you good ...
Yeah he had his ways
You do hope that this time
around will be the best
But then it bends you, puts you
through the test
Now you're almost broken,
drowning in too deep
But there's still a heartbeat
A second chanc, this is it !
We survived once more,
rose from the dirt
Alive even though hurt
And I do see this insanity deal
as a perk
I founded a whole new world
a brand new universe
it became alive through each verse
I've got magic, loyalty and trust
We don't have envy, greed or any
trace of lust
true family
found out that I was my own
The worst kind
that takes the fall
That is so inocent that gets laughed at,
at the mascarade ball
Gives everything expecting
nothing in return
Actually places herself
in front of the gun
'till you realize that stopping bullets
with the heart
it's foolishness although the most beautiful art
I'm still awake, I should be in bed by now
struggling to sleep
although I don't know how ...


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