quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Feeding these lines

No bad blood dear,
Wrong time, wrong place
of course I was here
where else to feed these lines ?
'till the end of times
There's never a blank page
They never love you enough
to calm down that rage
inevitably the monster breaks free
Happily ever after can no longer be
I'm sorry ...
It's just not your kind of story
will it wither and die ?
for each love are you willing to cry?
To which are you ready to say goodbye ?
Can't bear the thought
but don't want to forget
Not ready to leave just yet
Still got room for one more regret
One night, one day,
one week
Tell me that you love me
The legs go weak
Months go by, you swear that you'll
take care of me
A hell of a story, can this be?
'Till I lost the shoe, you made me
walk barefoot
This thing started rotting
right to the root
One more chapter of a never
ending book
I told you before , Beauty
and the crook

Whiskey in that cup
pearls on the neck
Not by far your safest bet
A total trainwreck ...
You walked out on me
So why
Should I
be the one to look back?
I realized I didn't know that you
got lost in the track
Baby we tried, it was just not enough
Dear we gave it a go just didn't thought
it would be this tough
Man we loved, but they went
straight for the heart ...
Broken into pieces
They torn us apart ...


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