segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

No safety net

I'm tired of running let's
face this shit !
The heart's already used to
being the point of impact
I can take the hit
I do prefer to be a freak
Than just a walking, talking
bag of meat
I'll rather risk it
Lick the flame, taste the heat

Supression of what hurts you
of what broke you apart
No memories of ever
lending you my heart
No recollection of seeing
any spark in your eyes
Therefore never tripped on
your lies
Consequently no need for
those nasty goodbyes
And you supress to the moment
you actually forget
I'm sorry have we met?
Life lesson, hardly a regret
I do love the thrill of jumping
with no safety net
Never the kind of girl
to take the safest bet
Ah Ah clearly I'm not there yet
'Cause I'm not going to lie
I've met more than one nice guy
They took their shot, gave it a try
But apparently they weren't my Mr. Perfect
So I kept on hanging on
To that type, my Mr. Wrong kind of guy

What happens if there's no one around ?
What happens if I sweep your feet
off the ground?
No ! No way ! I don't even want to face that
it's fate's conspiracy
it's gone, it's history
Don't want to relive it
not today, not ever
Yes I'm familiar with
your kind of forever
There's no choice to make
this shit is rigged
How can you call it fate ?
No apologies
this time is too late
Baby this was wrong
before it started
and don't you dare to
leave me here brokenhearted ....


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