sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2016

Operation Shadows

It's cleaning day,
We are taking the trash out
I'm done with you,
in case you still had any doubt
So this is, I hope, the last message
I'm sending to you
But you go dear, do
what you've got to do !
Karma will catch up,
you know that much is true
What goes around always comes back around,
like it or not
And then how will you undo the knot?
The one around your troat
the same that when it comes to the truth
makes you choke
Tight rope;
Once the mask falls down
and they get to see your true face
How are you going to
cope with such disgrace?

Don't go around making
pacts with the Devil, love
Now pray as hard as you can,
but how the hell should I know whose there up above?
Them staring won't be the worst, them talking
won't be the end
Having to face yourself,
struggling to understand
Drowning in a sickening game
of playing pretend
That is rock bottom, here take my joint
you need it more than I do "friend"
Take the bottle as well,
The heck with it, we are already going to hell !
'Cause they will eventually forget it
But not you, oh now you get it
Now you regret it
Now you just try to justify
how for years you lived comfortably in a lie
How you hunt people down
´cause you are selfish to the core
and a cunt, but I told you that before ...

Your needs are above anyone else's,
they're puppets to you
So many new toys, God what will I do?
Plotting, scheming , lying there awake
With no remorse, so now I guess
it's too late
I don't need to be a prophet,
a messiah
I'm just a writer
And I still can tell
'cause I already know your kind
too well
You're no good, not at all
You need to start to admit it, first of all
I've already told you
that even the mighty fall
and you climbed too high
You've built an entire castle on a lie
Stepped on everyone to accomplish each desire
Yes you kept on climbing higher
Operating in the shadows, aproaching the goal
Cold hearted, do you even have a soul?
Now do cry me a river
How can you blame the bullet
if you pulled the trigger?
Oh love and if we're not careful
the hatred gets bigger and bigger
You see? I'm also a sinner
But schhhh 'cause they don't know
what I know
it's best that you just go ...
still yeah, it was damn good show ...


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