sábado, 5 de março de 2016

Slaying dragons

You don't want to get rescued
you want some company in the pit
Don't want to be alone
burried in that deep shit;
Heavy conscience
dirty mind
Why can't you just
leave it behind?
Me? ! I just don't care
Burn it down, I've tasted
the flames before
Focus ! Get a grip
here's a tip
Get in control
Do not fall again into
that dark hole !

Yes sometimes I get sad
Once in a while you drive
me mad
But that won't knock
me down
I'll always come back
So prepare yourselves
and dust off that crown !

Thank you very much,
but I'll slay my dragons on my own
I'm very well flying solo, all alone !
Don't really feel like waiting,
I don't have the time
and to me wasting it is a crime
Too eager to cross the line
To get what's mine
Sometimes hoping
for a sign
But what you get is
what you see ...
It's just me ...
I'm just simply going
to keep it real
That's the deal;
Yeah you're all pretty
much the same
Word on the street says
money is to blame
but your soul is in game
That's a shame
15 minutes of fame
Shaking it for the dollar bill
it was written, right, it's
God's will

So lost in the plot
This is what've got
I do love comebacks
Lying there awake thanks
to those regrets
Tossing and turning
almost like it's burning
right through the soul
stitched up each hole
No more breaking promises
we'll fight till the end
You got my back
right friend?


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