quarta-feira, 9 de março de 2016

Stained pretty dress

Don't know how to make it
Don't know what's happening to me
let along with you
I'm stuck, it seems that I can't
get out
No voice, but still there's a
will to shout
I'm done with you all,
the so called society
I lack the so much needed integrity
I'm lost, I know why would
you care ?
You know what they say it's never
easy, rarely fair
You start to believe them,
maybe you are going nowhere
Well at least it's familiar,
I've been there ...

It's all faded, nothing is like before
You're all annoying me,
such a bore !
Tired of this, sick of that, it's too much,
I'm about to crack !
My brain is numb
stupidly enough sometimes I wish
I was just dumb ;
The cliche, the fairy tale
The king as arrived all hail !
He says he can handle
my darkest side
Turn the lights out and  witness
the bastard get off the ride ! ah ah ah
So the trick is no more expectations,
easy as pie
'Cause if you're a human being
you're bound to lie
It will be the same old same old
scratched CD
We heard this before, it's not you it's
most definitely me
Here we go again
million dollar man !
but not worth 2 cents
Sorry but it's just hilarious
too damn funny
we've been there, done that
enough with this crap
Go along, just be happy
Don't look back
Oh love don't worry
'cause she has nothing on me !

What happens once you start to identify
yourself with the villain ?
Not the princess
Once you no longer see yourself
with the tiara and the pretty dress?
My oh my what a mess ...


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