domingo, 13 de março de 2016

The masses

I'm kickin' the fuckin' bucket
'cause I don't care !
Say it to my face gutless bastard,
Oh if only you would dare !
I bet you're just like me
Takin' shit from the worst
kind of person there can be
but you see
A nice suit and a tie
Won't make me accept your lie
You think you are better than me
Go ahead I would love to see you try
Reach for the sky
and fall hard after climbing too high
Kissing their asses
Pleasing the masses
You're all crawling around
worshiping the damn ground
That the low-life he is
steps on everyday
Yeah come at me, I would love to
see you coming my way

Don't ever compare myself to you
Prick you don't know half of what I've
been through
But here's what I'll do
I'll teach you a thing or two
Snitches end up bad,
rats drive me mad
Who are you cunt?
Who are you bitch?
Please, won't you please
spare us from that practiced speech
You're afraid, but not of me
I get it honey,
'cause you haven't seen how
batshit crazy
one can be
I'll save you the front row seat
You sad, sad piece of shit
From now on no more
nice lady
'Cause I'm done with you all baby
Kindness aint weakness
you dumbass
Now watch me stir up this mess !

Beware! Be done with it !
And shut your pie hole
you are making me sick
Where do you think you are
going once at the bottom of the pit ?
Burn dear burn , taste the blood, raw meat
You can't buy respect
you should know that by now
You do want to earn it,
but have no clue how
You take and you take
not knowing what to give
Preaching about the truth
but stuck in deceive !
Your circus just got caught on fire
do beg, little liar !
Step on another, only
to reach higher !
Dig up your own grave
mouth full of warms, cold dirt !
You got what you deserve jerk !
Insanity rules indeed as the sweetest perk
I'm not naive I just prefer not to be mean
But I still know how to be the worst you've ever seen ...


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