sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2016

The world's turns

They say it's always like this
that bliss
The thrill of the first kiss
I was so high on your love
Drunk in that passion
and in a second
in that time's fraction
all colapsed, it turned to dust, the sin
burnt the skin
Got stuck with the lust
Wounds that take too long to heal
Scars that won't let me feel
Caught up on make believe
disconnected from everything
that is real
and begging, before the skies
you kneel
But it's a prayer that no one will attend
For so indeed it is the end my friend
Stranded on someone else's life
Too high of a price
to pay
You say
it's too much to ask
You can't stay

And if the world,
if the world keeps turning
that means the sky is still blue
and I'll be here waiting
giving my prayers to you
Giving my prayers away, for you
Moving mountains it's not always enough
and we bleed 'cause it's rough
it burns 'till it's only ashes
of a memory
as distant as the beggining of
our history
meaningless all this war
But we keep crawling back
for more

You tasted it, kept it as a souvenir
left behind, curled up in fear
You wonder if it was worth all the pain
all the chaos endured in your name
gambled too high on a rigged game
Licked too eager that bright devil's flame
wild souls and a broken tame
Fate's walk of shame
Now letting go
allowing the long due goodbye


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