sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Cry baby

Stop being such a cry baby
Can't even recognize you lately
Are you nuts? Are you crazy?
Front me then ! Naaaa You're too lazy
Prioritize dear
start by fucking explain what are
you still doing here
'cause most certainly it's not
facing each fear
Yeah, you are nowhere near
You sit back and wait
for me to bite the bait
I hope you are ready
for how long it will take
Wrap your mind around this,
it's too late !
You are holding me down
You are what? Heartbroken?
Don't make me laugh clown !
You are out of your mind
completly gone
Wanna know what I'll do about it?
Move the fuck on !
It ends now, it's over tonight
For once just get it right !

So subtle, so cute
and they can't see how weak you are
Good luck in winning
that inside war
They can't  tell it apart
they never got to know
the dark shadow of your heart
loving you was poetic, the most
painful kind of art
Your eyes ... They don't lie
but everybody got used to the mask
and so did I

I don't owe you shit
remember that
I'm done pulling rabbits
out of the hat
bending backwards just to see you smile
when it never lasts more than a little while
We've always had that taste of
some bad blood
I call it torture, you call it love
Your soul is so dark,
how would you rescue mine?
If I leave would you go after me? 'Cause we are already
living under borrowed time ...


sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016

Some kind of fever

What it was can't help you
understand what it is ....

My heartbeat still remembers your voice
but this kind of loving will never be good enough
We don't stand a chance, we weren't given a choice
Blood stained dress
I thought about it once or twice,
I must confess
Somekind of fever, kneeled to the weakness
that fire that took over my soul
that kind of love that left a hole

You're King of nothing
and I'm the ruler of a wasted land
You have to look the devil in the eye
to understand
You're going nowhere with your head
buried in the sand
I can deal with your lack of strength
but not with your absence
Begging for forgiveness, without
accepting the mistake is purely nonsense
I was preaching to the choir
ended up running as well
I've already licked those flames
down in your personal hell
Baby was put in the corner, left alone
You were up there on your throne
Too selfish to throw this dog a bone
too busy suffering on your own ...

Yes, I'm fascinating ain't I?
I can see it in your eyes
no need to lie
And you try
But you'll never figure me out
before learning how to fly
this high !


No matter how old I am, Fairy tales are Fairy tales


sábado, 2 de abril de 2016

It takes more than just breathing, you have to fall in love with it, living ...

Something died in me
and it's never coming back
It gets harder to find your path
Once you fall off track ...
The winds have changed
So did I
You haunt me once again
to remind me how it is to cry
It has been too long
but not long enough
You're not ready for the truth,
Must confess
Couldn't care less
at ease
I'm not here to please
your existence your grace
You're mistaken, get back to
your place
I'm offering the easy way out
I'm done, where's the doubt?
Do you need me to scream it?
Do I have to shout?!
Bitch, I'm so out !!

It's purely
And I'm the one
whose crazy
This little lady
just kissed you goodnight
Just waved goodbye
Don't waste your time
Don't bother to try
With so much out there
why would we stay stuck with a lie?
I intend to stretch my wings
and fly high
soar the sky
reach for the stars
land on the moon
No, I don't think I'll be
available anytime soon
I'm off, I'll be dreaming
I guess
I'm finally leaving
I know now
it takes more than just breathing
you have to fall in love with it,
living ...


sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2016

No apologies

No apologies
'cause he was never sure
At least he said, she said,
it became nothing but a blur
this so called love,
building castles in the sky
then they ripped our wings out,
Can't fly !
No apologies
You fucked me up
Not knowing how I feel
It's only fair, tough luck
Throwing my arms around you or
squeezing your neck
Love or hate
Place your bet
Starcrossed or just one more
Schhh I haven't made up
my mind yet !
No apologies asked,
no excuses
And who am I kidding
I do need these muses
No apologies owed
'cause I paid my dues
You have a lot of nerve coming here
preaching about truce

Now you need me,
But now I don't
I don't trust them
if they front
No apologies 'cause
fuck it I'm not sorry
It was indeed a hell of a story
Two handsome devils
in all their glory;
I do apologize to the ghosts of the past
They did warn me that this
wouldn't last
And to tell the truth dear
for you I pretended I couldn't hear
All I could hear were those strings
Our very own soundtrack
Where we hit the road Jack
throw it all behind our backs
No apologies for just letting it go
I asked about how it all happened
He says I don't know
Stopped loving me, doesn't even
know how long ago
I do apologize for not being
quick enough
I do not give up easily
I'm used to taking it rough
But I should've had taken the hint,
first clue
There was just a me and no you

Sometimes I wonder
What if wasn't me
it would all be so different
you see
If I didn't do what I'm doing
This doesn't make any sense I know
I do love who I grew up to be,
don't get me wrong
I'm just scared, what if I don't
fit in this song?
What if I've been mistaken all along?
What then? No apologies,
come what may
No apologies no matter what
they say
Who cares anyway?