sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Cry baby

Stop being such a cry baby
Can't even recognize you lately
Are you nuts? Are you crazy?
Front me then ! Naaaa You're too lazy
Prioritize dear
start by fucking explain what are
you still doing here
'cause most certainly it's not
facing each fear
Yeah, you are nowhere near
You sit back and wait
for me to bite the bait
I hope you are ready
for how long it will take
Wrap your mind around this,
it's too late !
You are holding me down
You are what? Heartbroken?
Don't make me laugh clown !
You are out of your mind
completly gone
Wanna know what I'll do about it?
Move the fuck on !
It ends now, it's over tonight
For once just get it right !

So subtle, so cute
and they can't see how weak you are
Good luck in winning
that inside war
They can't  tell it apart
they never got to know
the dark shadow of your heart
loving you was poetic, the most
painful kind of art
Your eyes ... They don't lie
but everybody got used to the mask
and so did I

I don't owe you shit
remember that
I'm done pulling rabbits
out of the hat
bending backwards just to see you smile
when it never lasts more than a little while
We've always had that taste of
some bad blood
I call it torture, you call it love
Your soul is so dark,
how would you rescue mine?
If I leave would you go after me? 'Cause we are already
living under borrowed time ...


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